Illustration of a family Holiday shopping Holiday Retail Outlook
Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving - is often recognized as the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It's the day retailers offer deep discounts and early-morning hours to entice consumers to spend. And, given the current economic crisis, the success of the day - and the season that follows - could be more important for some stores this year than at any time in recent history. For months, there have been dismal predictions for holiday retail sales. But how realistic are those forecasts? This week, we'll examine how things look in Florida's retail economy this holiday season and talk about how are consumers changing their behavior in these uncertain times.

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William Scott Cobb and William J. Cobb William Scott Cobb and William J. Cobb
William Cobb was born in 1923 in Hollister, Ohio, southeast of Columbus. He left the rural coal-mining town at age 20 for the draft during World War II. Near the end of 1943, William Cobb was headed to Europe for service in the Army's 808th Tank Destroyer Battalion, ultimately under the command of General Patton. Cobb spoke with his grandson William about his wartime experience, including his recollections of the liberation of a German concentration camp.

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