Ethel Altman and Sylvia Gross Ethel Altman and Sylvia Gross
Ethel Altman was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Miami with her family in 1940. Ethel's father taught her to play the mandolin at age 7, and she had an early career as a performing musician. As a teen, however, her life moved away from the stage. Now retired in Sarasota, she tells her friend Sylvia Gross that sometimes the music just won’t let you go.

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stem cell Stem Cell Controversy
Some observers are "banking" on stem cell research as the source for the next major medical breakthrough. What kind of stem cell research holds the most promise? Who stands to gain the most? Will the political winds in Florida play a role in this controversial endeavor? We explore the issue with our guests.

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Millie Small and George Robinson Millie Small and George Robinson
Longtime friend Millie Small interviews Dr. George Robinson about his early days as a physician who made house calls day and night, rain or shine. Dr. Robinson attributes his success to his parents and living a good life from boyhood in Massachusetts to medical school in Pennsylvania to retirement in Florida.

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students playing "Dance Dance Revolution" XRKade Interactive Fitness Lab
USF's School of Physical Education is now the home of the XRKade Research Lab, where researchers will look at interactive video games like "Dance Dance Revolution" and similar technology-based interactive activities to see what kind of effects they have on children's physical fitness.

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