U.S. Marines raise the flag over Iwo Jima in February 1945. WWII Stories
<p>It was the bloodiest conflict in human history. At the time, World War II affected nearly everyone on earth. Many current Bay area residents experienced the struggles of WWII first hand. For Veteran's Day week, we bring you three Florida Stories from WWII.</p> <p>In conjunction with Ken Burns’ “The War,” WUSF has produced a pair of documentaries focusing on two Bay area communities and their residents who served in the military at that time. “Tampa Goes to War,” will air Thursday, November 15 at 10:00 PM, immediately after the fifth part of “The War.” “Plant City Goes to War” will air Saturday, November 17 at 10:00 PM.</p> <p>This week's stories:<br /> 1. Lars Dohm was a young boy of seven when the war reached his native Denmark. He spoke with his son David about his experience during this difficult time.<br /> <br /> 2. Our second story comes from William Russell. He talks with his wife Catherine about his WWII experience in the South Pacific. He was told he would be serving with the Seabees when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1943.<br /> <br /> 3. Finally, we hear from Edith Illgen. She was a young girl living in Germany when the war broke out. Edith tells about living under the Hitler regime and the drastic differences from American war life. She speaks with her friend Carol Byrd.</p>

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Jochen and Elsa Wagner Elsa and Jochen Wagner
Elsa Moravek was born in Argentina in 1935. That year her father, originally from Prague, was selling arms in South America and befriended Albert Goering, selling arms for Germany. Several years later, these men would work from Romania with resistance groups to aid those fleeing the Nazis in Europe. Elsa recently spoke with her husband about her family's experience during this time, and her father's alliance with Goering.

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