WeCar WeCar Comes to USF
TAMPA (2009-07-23)
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people standing in line for interviews Seeking Jobs in a Recession
TAMPA (2009-07-20)
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cuban refugees Fighting Invasive Species
This week we meet up with some of Florida’s Cuban Americans to discuss our state's history with Cuba and our strained relationship, that continues today. We also talk embargo with some early exiles of the Castro revolution. We hear from Roberto Quiros, a Tampa man who escaped Cuba in 1994 by raft as he shares the drama of his experience.
Also: Burmese pythons are getting plenty of attention lately. Congress is considering a federal ban on importing the snakes and moving them across state lines, and there has been talk of hunting the snakes down. Florida has many non-native plants, pests and animals that aren't as threatening to humans but still cause harm. This week, learn about some of those species and efforts to limit their impact.

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Aaron Varn Sr. and Jonathan Berry Jonathan Berry and Aaron Varn Sr.
This week on Florida Stories we meet Aaron Varn Senior. Aaron was on a training ship off the coast of the Carolinas when WWII began. After he finished his training, he travelled down the coast and began work as a merchant mariner delivering ammunition, oil, coal and other military supplies during the war. He continued to serve through the Korean War. Aaron recently sat down with Jonathan Berry, an aspiring freight Captain and high school intern on the SS American Victory ship in Tampa, to talk about his time as a Merchant Mariner.

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