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This week, we take a journey through Florida’s relationship with innovation, from past well-known inventions all the way to cutting-edge research and developments going on today. Host Irene Maher introduces us to Peter Lefferson, an inventor who embodies the saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. We travel to Florida’s High-Tech Corridor to discover what makes Florida such a prime location to do research, and contributing reporter Larry Elliston heads to a well-known area hospital that soon may find a cure for cancer
Also: A bill waiting for the governor's signature would give water-permit approval authority to water management district directors instead of appointed boards. It's part of an unrelated bill allowing more Florida-friendly landscaping and was added at the last minute. This week on Florida Matters, we'll explore why some people say the change is a bad idea while others say it's not really a change at all.

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