Housing montage What's Going On in the Region's Housing Market?
Is this real estate bubble going to burst? Are speculators driving property prices? Can the average Floridian really find affordable housing? We'll talk to several local experts to find the answers to these questions this week on Florida Matters.

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highway graphic Can We Pave Our Way Out of Gridlock?
On the next edition of Florida Matters: Can we pave our way out of Gridlock? To answer that question, we went to the experts, local and state decision makers who are in the know regarding Tampa Bay's transportation issues.

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illustration of children in a classroom with hands raised Education in Florida
The Pinellas School District and Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox experienced a challenging year. The district has faced issues ranging from the academic achievement gap between whites and minority students to the highly publicized problems of safety, security and discipline.

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