Off-Camera Lighting Workshop

General Event Information

Instructor: Jeremy Scott
Ages: 16 +
Standard Price: $90.00
Member Price: $80.00

Take fine-art portraits anytime, anywhere using the Off-Camera Flash method. This is an intensive, 1/2-day hands-on workshop that covers of the fundamentals of portrait photography with off-camera flash using small, portable hot shoe-mounted flashguns (speedlights), remote triggering devices and light modifiers to enhance the texture, dimension and mood of photos quickly and easily. Learn about working with different types of ambient lighting, one and two light set ups, lighting patterns, light modifiers and more. Students will photograph subjects in and around the museum using off-camera lighting. This workshop is best suited for those looking to enhance their portrait photography and lighting skill-set. Required: Photography 101 or Next Step Photography Workshop or a good understanding of basic exposure and camera settings, DSLR camera and a speedlight flash


Florida Museum of Photographic Arts
400 N. Ashley Drive Cube 200
Tampa, FL 33602
United States
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