Peeking into Florida's Closet of Shame The Johns Committee and Perverted Politics Under the Palms

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Speakers: Stacy Braukman, Georgia Tech & Jim Schnur, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library USFSP

Celebrate PRIDE with a little Florida History. Please join Braukman and Schnur as they discuss the Johns Committee and place the Committee’s actions in the context of postwar Florida history.

From 1956 until 1965, the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee conducted witch hunts of residents that challenged segregation. Commonly known as the Johns Committee for Charley E. Johns, a senate president and longtime chair of the committee, this organization also began covert plans to rid Florida of its “homosexual menace” culminating in the release of its controversial “Purple Pamphlet” in 1964.

5-6 pm
Thursday June 27
Poynter Corner
Nelson Poynter Memorial Library


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