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Power Yoga: Mind & Body

Adrienne Reed
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Americans find themselves running from work to home and then off again to community activities. As the stress level of life goes up, many people are searching for relaxation. "Power Yoga: Mind & Body with Adrienne Reed" is just what they are looking for: a 65-part series that instructs viewers on the essentials of yoga while leading them through an up-tempo half-hour Power Yoga session.



Yoga shows are so popular today because of their ability to connect with people of all walks of life. "Power Yoga: Mind & Body" satisfies a hunger for practical information combined with an innate need for physical well being and relaxation. Yoga's popularity is spreading as more people are made aware of its physical and mental benefits in addition to the inner peace and the sense of accomplishment that yoga provides. The demographics are excellent for marketers and public television is the ideal vehicle to reach this growing audience. It is an environment that is trusted and reliable . . . what better image could an advertiser hope for.
WUSF TV/DT in Tampa, Florida has partnered with Adrienne Reed to create this new and exciting series. WUSF TV/DT Public Broadcasting is a service of the University of South Florida (USF) and offers programming of formal and informal educational interest to diverse audiences throughout the year. The station's 24-hour broadcast of educational services to its nine-county service area located in the fast-growing west central Florida region serves more than 550,000 households each week. The station is a member of PBS as well as American Public Television and the National Educational Telecommunications Association. Their new digital production facility, which opened in the spring of 2001, allows WUSF TV/DT the ability to expand its efforts in creating nationally and internationally distributed programs.
The cost of production for the 65 half hour programs is $110,000. WUSF TV/DT has already secured $25,000 of these funds and has video taped the first 20 episodes as well as a 1-hour special. Review the information, watch the program and join us in launching what we believe will become one of America 's premier TV programs.


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For further information contact Scot Kaufman of the WUSF TV/DT Business Sponsorship Department at 813-974-4000.





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