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Public Television: The Right Environment for Your Corporate Message


Public television viewers are 56% more likely than the average U.S. adult to have a post graduate degree.


Twenty Nine percent of public television viewers have incomes of $75,000 or more and are also 36% more likely than the average U.S. adult to have the title of vice president in their given occupation.


The latest U.S. Census Bureau projections indicate a steadily-growing minority population (including African-Americans, Latinos and Asians) in the United States. Public television viewers reflect this diversity with an audience comprised of over 20% minorities.


Public television viewers have greater disposable income. When combined with the fact that public television reaches 99% of U.S. households (with TVs), it emerges as a truly advantageous media choice.




Since 1970, our history of excellence in educational services has delivered programs of integrity designed to enrich, educate, enlighten and entertain every citizen living in Florida's central west coast. The station provides unique programs to audiences large enough to fill the University of South Florida's Sun Dome more than 11 times per day! And, WUSF TV brings an affluent, educated, intelligent audience to its programs — an influential audience that cares about their community.
We would be happy to tailor a schedule of credits that closely match the profiles of the audience you wish to reach. Program sponsorship, challenge grants, event partnerships and special project involvement are just some the ways you can increase your company's visibility. Contact our media officer today for more information.


The Public Broadcasting Audience



For further information contact Scot Kaufman of the WUSF TV Business Sponsorship Department at 813-974-4000.





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