The Public Broadcasting Audience



The Public Broadcasting Audience

Our viewers and contributors are older, more affluent and better educated that the average U.S. adult. The average age of the public broadcasting viewer is 50, with a median household
income of $49,680. Three in four public broadcating viewers own their own home, valued at $146,587. Almost 60% of public broadcasting viewers have been at their present address for more than five years.

29% of public broadcasting viewers have incomes of $75,000 or more and are 100% more likely than the average adult to have the title of president in their given profession.

50% of the public broadcasting viewing audience is between the ages of 18 and 49.

50% of public broadcasting viewers are involved in a physical fitness program; either at home, at a club, or another facility.

Adult women strongly outnumber male viewers. (Source: Jan. 31, 2005 CEPRI Report To The Point.)

Media Use:
Public broadcasting viewers are very media savvy. During a typical week, public broadcasting viewers watch more than 32 hours of television and 19 hours of cable.
The most popular television program genres watched by public broadcasting viewers are gymnastics (214 index), Monday through Friday late night network news (214 index), and skating specials (206 index).
Public broadcasting viewers further their knowledge base with print magazines. View a chart showing a sampling of magazines our health conscious audience is more likely to read.


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