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The only live music and variety show aired nationwide today, A Prairie Home Companion is a Saturday night staple for radio audiences everywhere. The show features a unique blend of musical performances and comedy. Beginning October, 2016, musician extraordinaire Chris Thile will take over for Garrison Keillor as the new host of A Prairie Home Companion. Chris' wide range of musical taste, paired with his vast network of famous and talented friends, will draw new, diverse talent to public radio.

From A Prairie Home Companion

  • The News from Lake Wobegon for April 22, 2017
    "Spring has come out awfully certainly there. Just about two weeks ago there was still ice on the lake and now this past week it got up into the 90s. People running around in shorts, t-shirts." Carl Krebsbach's brother-in-law attempts to assemble a garden tiller, high school students prepare for life after graduation, and Mary Tollefson looks into modeling school, in a monologue from April 2002.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for April 15, 2017
    "Getting warm up there, getting up into the 60s and even thinking about getting up into the 70s so it's been very pleasant -- and no snow fell this last week." The town celebrates the 1st of May, and a few memories of post-prom parties at the Bunsens' cabin, in a monologue from May 2015.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for April 8, 2017
    "It's spring, spring out there, which, in the case of Minnesota, means there's a little more snow forecast. About eight inches of snow, some places 10 inches, fell." Farmers prepare for spring planting after a successful year, the town takes a break for Easter Vacation, and Darlene meets a man on Match.com, a monologue originally from April 2008.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for April 1, 2017
    "We've had wind and snow and rain and cold rain and a little snow, that melting snow, and then wind some more. It's spring we know that now, even if it's a little chilly." Darlene has an epiphany while out for an Easter morning walk, Carl Krebsbach feeds a flock of Tundra Swans out on the lake, Viola Tors attends a clothing-optional Lutheran church in Palm Beach, in an April 2016 monologue.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for March 25, 2017
    "Had some nice days here this last week. It wasn't too terribly cold. The sun was shining." Lyle teaches high school students about the vernal equinox, the town's old men discuss modern cars, and the last of the rhubarb gets made into pies at the Chatterbox Cafe, in a monologue from March 1997.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for March 18, 2017
    "It's been beautiful this last week. The sun was shining. It's been a gorgeous, gorgeous winter. We got a little snow on Monday, Thursday, just a decorator snow." Mr. Berge tells a few jokes to ducks out on the lake, the Men's Prayer Group gathers at Bunsen Motors, and the Lutheran Church holds its Lenten soup suppers, in a March 2014 monologue.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for March 11, 2017
    "It was the most beautiful snowfall in yesterday morning in Lake Wobegon. It was just gorgeous, it was like something out of a children's book." The town pledges for the annual "Big Plunge" fundraising event, Lake Wobegon High School students learn about owls, and a local English teacher makes an enriching discovery while walking in the woods, in a monologue from March 2013.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for March 4, 2017
    "It's been warm there. It's been up in the thirties so the snow's been melting and dripping off the icicles, and the sidewalks are clear." Animals venture into the town's yards to look for food, and Alan Jansky returns for a visit after living in Santa Barbara for years, a monologue from March 2008.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for February 25, 2017
    "It's been warm there. It's been up in the 20s and so we don't know when the other shoe is going to drop but we are sure that it will eventually, sooner rather than later." Myrtle Krebsbach hosts the Valentine's Day supper and dance, rumors swirl after Pastor Inqvist spends a few days in Nashville, and thoughts on the temptation of putting your tongue on a pump handle in the winter, a monologue originally from February 2003.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for February 11, 2017
    "It's been cold here, got down to 30-below wind chill here earlier in the week, starting to warm up a little bit now. They are forecasting more snow for Monday, Tuesday night." Corrine Tollerud returns from St. Olaf College for a weekend, the Hansens attempt to prevent their dog from being hit by cars, Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church holds its Lenten services, and Cindy Hedlund meets someone online after just a few months as a widow, in a monologue from February 2015.

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Chris Thile
Chris Thile

Mandolinist Chris Thile is among the most highly acclaimed musicians of his generation.

It started when he was a toddler in Oceanside, California. His folks took him along for weekly visits to a pizza parlor in nearby Carlsbad, where he heard John Moore's band Bluegrass Etc., and where he would soon befriend siblings Sara and Sean Watkins, his future Nickel Creek bandmates.

The mandolin captivated the youngster. He started lessons with Moore, who wasted no time in getting the five-year-old on stage. "I was too young to be nervous." Chris recalls. I thought, 'Oh, this is what you get to do when you're five.'" Before long, the Thiles were... Read More...

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