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Snap Judgment is “a storytelling show with a beat…about decisions that change everything” according to host and executive producer, Glynn Washington. It’s not just the stories, it’s the way they’re told – that will keep you coming back. Each vignette is its own, wee performance, and each week, Snap Judgment focuses on a theme then takes listeners on a rollercoaster audio ride through real life stories. These are not your Grandmother’s tales of life!

Saturday 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM on WUSF 89.7

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Glynn Washington

Before creating the Snap Judgment radio show, Glynn worked as an educator, diplomat, community activist, actor, political strategist, fist-shaker, mountain-hollerer, and foot stomper. Glynn composed music for the Kunst Stoff dance performances in San Francisco, rocked live spoken word poetry in Detroit, joined a band in Indonesia, wrote several screenplays, painted a daring series of self portraits, released a blues album, and thinks his stories are best served with cocktails.

From Snap Judgment

  • Seeking Asian Female, Snap Special - Heart's Desire
    <p><span>What if an older white male started chasing young Asian females?  Is that right?  Is that racist?</span><br><br><span>Debbie Lum sets out to make a documentary exposing the loathsome "Yellow Fever" phenomenon. She began filming Steven, a 60-year old white man, and Sandy, a 30-year old woman from China. But when Steven and Sandy need a translator, Debbie uncomfortably finds herself on the other side of the camera.</span><br><br><span>To see the story unfold with your own eyes, check out Debbie's documentary,</span><a href=""> </a><a href="">Seeking Asian Female</a><a href="">.</a><span> It's truly fascinating, and it premiered on PBS' </span><em>Independent Lens</em><span> on May 6, 2013.</span><br><br><span>She also has a fantastic web project discussing sex and race at </span><a href=""> </a><span>Check it out. </span><br><br><br><span>For more locations and dates, go to </span><a href=""></a><span>.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Stephanie Foo</span></p>
  • JDate, Snap Special - Heart's Desire
    <p><span>See Josh Healey's amazing performance, "</span><a href="">How To Help Your Mom Set Up Her Online Profile On </a><a href="">JDate</a><span>."</span><br><br><span>Original score composed by Alex Mandel, and performed by Alex and the Snap Judgment Playaz (Tim Frick &amp; David Brandt.)</span><br><br><span>Performed at Snap Judgment LIVE in San Francisco's Nourse Theater. Recorded and mixed by Pat Mesiti-Miller.</span></p>
  • Snap Special - Heart's Desire
    <p>On the next Snap Special..."Heart's Desire." You know the feeling, the longing, the think you can ignore it, but you can never escape it. Support Snap Judgment storytelling at <a href=""></a>.</p>
  • Spartan Hall, Snap #806 - Personal Jesus
    <p><span>Glynn finds a cheap place to spend the summer . . . at a halfway house.</span><br><br><span>Original Music by Alex Mandel performed by Alex Mandel and the Snap Players (David Brand and Tim Frick.)   Presented by KPCC.</span></p>
  • The North Pond Hermit, Snap #806 - Personal Jesus
    <p>There was a legend in central Maine, about a hermit who had lived in the woods, unseen, for 30 years.  Then, in 2013, the police arrested a man named Christopher Knight.</p> <p>To learn more about Chris Knight’s story, be sure to check out journalist’s Mike Finkel’s book, <a href=""><em>The Stranger In The Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit</em></a><em>. </em> </p> <p><span><span> </span></span></p> <p><strong>Producer:</strong> Joe Rosenberg</p> <p><span><strong>Original Score:</strong> Renzo Gorrio and Andrew Vicars</span></p>
  • Snap #806 - Personal Jesus
    <p>On the next all-NEW Snap..."Personal Jesus." Reach out and touch faith. Amazing stories of people searching for their own salvation.</p>
  • When The Storm Comes, Snap #702 - Full Circle
    <p><span>When Glynn leaves church in the middle of a blizzard, his father must brave the elements.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Mark Ristich</span></p>
  • The Staredown, Snap #702 - Full Circle
    <p><span>Alaska mountain guide Jess Walsh and her friend went for a trail run in the forest. What they encountered was not what they were expecting.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Davey Kim</span><br><span>Sound Design: Leon Morimoto</span></p>
  • The Soul Of A Soldier, Snap #702 - Full Circle
    <p><span>An American soldier in Vietnam comes face to face with a surreal, lone North Vietnamese soldier in the jungle one hot afternoon. Decades later, he returns to Vietnam to help put the Vietnamese soldier’s soul to rest. Check out Wayne Karlin’s book “Wandering Souls.” And Homer Steedly’s website </span><a href="">here</a><span>.</span><br><br><span>Producer: Anna Sussman</span></p>
  • Snap #702 - Full Circle
    <p>On the next Snap Judgment…”Full Circle.” It's almost like deja vu. Almost. Except, you remember every single step of the journey. Amazing stories about ending up exactly where you got started.</p>

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