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USF Pres. Judy Genshaft at the launch of the public phase of USF Unstoppable
The University of South Florida is in the middle of its “Unstoppable” fund-raising campaign, with a goal of bringing in 600 million dollars. This week’s University Beat on WUSF-TV brings you highlights from the recent formal launch of the public phase of the campaign.

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Displaced gravestone at the cemetery near 22nd & Hillsborough in Tampa.
Grave Mapping

Science and altruism meet when a group of USF researchers and their students use the latest technology to map out a pauper’s cemetery. This week’s University Beat shows you how this ‘archaeology without digging’ not only advances knowledge, but also restores the dignity of people long since forgotten.

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Joel Momberg, CEO of the USF Foundation, talks about the ‘attitude’ of USF and who should contribute to the “Unstoppable” campaign.

In response to some criticism of the campaign’s targets, USF President Dr. Judy Genshaft says “Unstoppable” is also about matching donor’s concerns with what the University needs.


USF Mass Communications Senior Candace Braun talks about her own “Unstoppable” moment: she’s ‘paying it forward’ by making sure her mother gets a college education as well.

GRAVE MAPPING: A video look at the grave mapping done by USF researchers & their students at the pauper’s cemetery near 22nd St. & Hillsborough Ave. in Tampa.


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USF Foundation
813-974-2651 unstoppable@admin.usf.edu

Lori Collins, Ph.D., Research Coordinator, USF’s Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies
813-974-0783 lcollins@cas.usf.edu



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