Karst Collection

Karst Collection

You might not realize it, but karst is a landscape that’s all around us, particularly here in Florida, and USF is home to not only one of the best collections of information about it, but also a large number of recognized experts in karst research. This week’s University Beat on WUSF-TV/DT brings you a closer look at the work USF is doing on karst and how man and nature’s interactions with it can affect our future.

Karst Collection

Karst is a landscape that’s all around us here in Florida, and USF is putting together a collection of karst research—and researchers—that rivals anything similar anywhere in the world. This week’s University Beat on WUSF-FM introduces you to some of those scientists and shows you how their work is changing what we know about this important geological structure.

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USF Department of Geography Associate Professor, Dr. Philip van Beynen, and Chairman, Dr. Robert Brinkmann, on the importance of the interdisciplinary make-up of USF’s karst research.

Dorien McGee, a PhD student in the USF Department of Geology, says USF students benefit both now and in their future from working with such a large group of karst experts.

Dr. Philip Reeder, the Director of the USF Environmental Science & Policy Program, says more and more researchers are realizing the importance of studying karst.

Todd Chavez, USF Libraries’ Director of Academic Resources, talks about the five-thousand objects currently found in the Karst Information Portal.

Dr. Bogdan Onac, a USF Department of Geology Assistant Professor, speaks about his work in cave research, including the discovery of a very historic footprint.

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