Solar House Competition / Gilman Scholars

Solar House Competition

USF is teaming with three other Florida schools to design and build an energy-efficient home that will compete in this fall’s prestigious Solar Decathlon. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you on a virtual tour of the home and tells you how this might just be the Florida home of tomorrow.

Gilman Scholars

While you can learn about a foreign country and its culture and practices in a classroom, an even better way would be to actually go to that place. That's what some USF students are doing, as a prestigious scholarship is sending them for the semester to such destinations as Senegal and Italy. This week's University Beat on WUSF 89.7 takes you along as we find out how the students are studying and working abroad.

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A virtual tour of Team Florida’s FLeX House, which will be built to compete against 19 other solar-powered homes from around the world at this fall’s Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C. (video courtesy Team Florida / USF School of Architecture & Community Design)

Stanley Russell, Assistant Professor in USF’s School of Architecture & Community Design, talks about the judging of the Solar Decathlon, how much FLeX House will cost (the homes will be judged on their cost to prospective buyers) and how you can help them raise that amount.

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