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Design of Madeira Beach 9-11 Memorial
9-11 Memorial
An 800 pound steel beam from the wreckage of New York City’s World Trade Center provided the impetus for the city of Madeira Beach to build a memorial to the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, and a pair of USF graduate students provided the design. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you to the planned site of the memorial and introduces you to the two young men whose eye-catching plan hopes to inform visitors about this tragic day, while inspiring them at the same time.

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USF President Judy Genshaft & her husband, Steven Greenbaum, at the announcement of the Passport Scholars Fund (Photo credit: Aimee Blodgett / USF News)
Study Abroad Endowment (rebroadcast)

While the importance of global business and knowledge grows, so does the cost of international travel, something that college students find especially daunting. University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft recognizes that difficulty, so she and her husband, Steven Greenbaum, are creating a one million dollar endowment for all USF students who want to study abroad. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 looks at the “Passport Scholars Fund.”

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Greg Osburn, a graduate student in USF School of Architecture & Community Design, talks about the planned Madeira Beach 9-11 Memorial he designed and describes some of the features of it.

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Bill Mallory, Madeira Beach's Fire Chief & interim City Manager, shows us the centerpiece of the planned Madeira Beach 9-11 Memorial: an 800 pound steal I-beam taken from the wreckage of the World Trade Center in New York.

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Eli Pano, a graduate student in USF School of Architecture & Community Design, and co-creator of the Madeira Beach 9-11 Memorial, says it will hopefully both inform and inspire visitors, whether they were alive at the time of the attacks or not.

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9-11 Memorial
The city of Madeira Beach is accepting monetary donations, as well as gift cards from Home Depot, to help build the 9-11 Memorial. You can find out more information by clicking here.

You can also help by buying 9-11 Memorial t-shirts at the Memorial's Facebook page.

Study Abroad Endowment (rebroadcast)
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