Football Injury Simulator / USF Freshman Class

Football Injury Simulator

Just like a winning football team practices until it gets it right, the medical professionals who treat athletes have to do the same thing. USF has a high-tech tool that helps in their medical training efforts—iStan, a life-like simulator that mimics anything from heat exhaustion to cardiac arrest. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you to a recent practice session where trainers, physicians and first responders had to work together quickly to save iStan’s life.

USF Freshman Class

School’s back in session and the University of South Florida is welcoming what’s being called “its most academically talented class of freshmen ever.” This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 talks to USF officials about the figures behind that claim, and what they’re doing to make sure this group graduates in four years! We’ll also talk to one of these gifted freshmen and find out what they expect from the years ahead.

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University Beat: Football Injury Simulator Web-only #1

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University Beat: Football Injury Simulator Web-only #2

Dr. Micki Cuppett, Director of the USF Athletic Training Education Program, talks about what the medical professionals faced during their training, which could change in just a moment because of iStan’s technology. She also speaks about what this kind of high-tech training means for USF, USF Health and the Sports Medicine Department.

Dr. Chuck Nofsinger, Assistant Professor in USF’s Department of USF Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, as well as a physician for the USF Bulls football team, says the training brings together the team of medical professionals: athletic trainers, team doctors and emergency responders; all to make sure they’re ready for game time as well.

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Football Injury Simulator
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Director, USF Athletic Training Education Program
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USF Freshman Class
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