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Swings Tampa Bay co-creators, USFSP seniors Reuben Pressman (l) & Hunter Payne
Swings Tampa Bay
A pair of USF St. Petersburg students are making a trying to make a difference in their community, simply by putting swings up all over the Bay area. University Beat on WUSF TV introduces you to the two young men behind “Swings Tampa Bay” and shows you how their idea is helping bring people together.

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Swings Tampa Bay co-creator Reuben Pressman on a swing on a Central Ave. billboard (courtesy Swings Tampa Bay)
Swings Tampa Bay

Remember the joy, the freedom you felt when you were young and you had a chance to swing on a swing set? Well a pair of USF students is trying to get that feeling back—AND share it with the entire Bay area, as they’re sneaking around town and putting up swings in places you might not expect to find them! This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 introduces you to these ‘playground guerillas’ and tells you how you too can take part in the effort.

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“Swings Tampa Bay” co-creators, USF St. Petersburg seniors Hunter Payne and Reuben Pressman, talk about the very first swings they hung outside the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, why the idea has been so popular, some of the weirdest places they’ve hung swings, what the response has been from USF St. Petersburg, what’s next for the project, and how YOU can get involved in “Swings Tampa Bay.”

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Swings Tampa Bay website

Swings Facebook page

Swings Twitter account

“Let's Paint Swings” events:
Free Museum Day Sept 24 10-5pm
Free Museum Day will be held on the water and by the St. Petersburg Museum of History. This is a city-wide admission free event for local Museums and cultural institutions.

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts Oct 15



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