USF Dance Graduate / Festival of Reading

USF Dance Graduate

The story onstage recently at the USF School of Theatre and Dance wasn't the only one being told. There was also a "local girl makes good in the big city and returns home" tale taking place as well. University Beat on WUSF TV introduces you to that local girl, Heather Kemp, and shows you how her time at USF helped start her on her path to the stages of New York City.

Festival of Reading

Listen up, book-lovers! The St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading is coming up this Saturday on the USF St. Pete campus. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 previews the event and speaks with a pair of faculty members turned authors who will be presenting their work at the Festival.

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Heather Kemp, USF alum and dancer/director for KDNY Dance Company, talks about the somewhat unwanted advice she received as a student and what she lessons she passes along to aspiring dancers.

Michael Foley, USF Assoc. Professor of Dance, says he’s seeing some strong signs of life in Tampa’s arts and dance community.

Kathleen Dyer, artistic director and choreographer for KDNY Dance Company, says her group’s “Sex and the City as a dance performance” label only scratches the surface of their work. She also talks about their piece, “Navigating the Hallway.”

The KDNY Dance Company performs “From.” (courtesy KDNY Dance Company)

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