Engineering Scholarships / Darwin Days

Engineering Scholarships

A degree in engineering not only takes a lot of time and effort, but it also takes a lot of cash—the kind of funds that not many young people have, particularly in this tough economy. But some generous donors are making a difference for over a hundred USF Engineering students, and they met face to face recently. University Beat on WUSF TV takes you to that meeting and introduces you to one such lucky scholarship recipient.

Darwin Days

The Scopes Monkey trial was over 85 years ago, but the argument over teaching the theory of evolution still continues today. As legislators in states like Florida try to bring alternative theories into the classroom, biology teachers from elementary schools through the university level struggle with how to deal with such a controversial topic. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 FM takes you to USF’s recent Darwin Days, where some of these teachers and students had a chance to hear from one of the country’s most renowned science educators.

Video Extras

University Beat: Engineering Scholarships Web-only #1

Video Extras

University Beat: Engineering Scholarships Web-only #2

Dr. John Wiencek, Dean of the USF College of Engineering, talks about why these scholarships are so important to both students and the donors behind them.

Robert Garcia, Vice President for Tampa Bay Trane and a graduate of the USF College of Engineering, explains why he supports his alma mater and what he thinks about its students.

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Engineering Scholarships
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