Not In Our Town

Not In Our Town

In 2008, an Ecuadorian immigrant was killed in a hate crime in Patchogue, New York, but instead of destroying the community, it actually brought people together. In that spirit, WUSF and Community Tampa Bay brought a documentary on the story to the Bay area. University Beat on WUSF TV has more.

Not In Our Town

It took the brutal murder of a Hispanic immigrant for one Long Island community to say “not in our town.” Now USF, WUSF and “Community Tampa Bay” are teaming up to share a message of inclusion for the Bay area, directed particularly at immigrants and high school students. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 has the story.

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University Beat: Not In Our Town Web-only #1

Video Extras

University Beat: Not In Our Town Web-only #2

Clearwater Police Officer Sergio Fidelis says, in his experience, immigration-related issues are the biggest causes of discrimination and hate crimes currently. Also, Nestor Ortiz, a consultant with Community Tampa Bay, shares his thoughts on how such discrimination can be handled.

Sarah Ogdie, Program Specialist at Community Tampa Bay, talks about her group‘s “Anytown” program, which is targeted at high school students from around the area.

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