STEM Superheroes (rebroadcast)

STEM Superheroes (rebroadcast from June 18, 2012)

What happens when you cross science and superheroes? You get the “Scientific League of Superheroes”—a collection of USF PhD students who don costumes to teach elementary school students science, technology, engineering and math, both in person and in comic book-like videos. This week's rebroadcast of University Beat on WUSF TV introduces you to the League and shows you how young people are responding to their unusual teaching methods.

STEM Superheroes (rebroadcast from June 18, 2012)

When it comes to knowledge, the “Scientific League of Superheroes” is mightier than the Avengers and more uncanny than the X-Men. This week’s rebroadcast of WUSF's University Beat from earlier this summer introduces you to a trio of USF doctoral students who’ve assumed the superhero identities of MegaByte, Sublimation and Super Conductor to teach science, technology, engineering and math to elementary school students.

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Superhero Training Network YouTube video page
Superhero Training Network webpage
Scientific League Inc. (business component of program) webpage
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