Caregiver Heart Health

Caregiver Heart Health

The USF College of Nursing is conducting a study of caregivers for people with dementia, and they’re looking for volunteers. Find out more on University Beat on WUSF TV.

Caregiver Heart Health

Some who serve as caregivers for loved ones with debilitating memory diseases like Alzheimer’s find their own health affected by years of round-the-clock worry and vigilance. USF’s College of Nursing is conducting a two-part clinical study: one component looks at the effectiveness of an in-home monitoring system that tracks the ‘patient,’ the other part tries to help caregivers improve their sleeping habits and health of their heart. Find out more on this week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7.

Video Extras

A Demonstration of the CareAlert System

Video Extras

Are You Right for the USF Health Caregiver Study?

Dr. Deborah Rowe, professor and endowed chair at the USF College of Nursing, demonstrates the CareAlert system to WUSF's Mark Schreiner.

Dr. Rowe talks about who should enroll in the USF Health NIA-funded study and what will be required of them.

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For more information about the study, contact USF College of Nursing Research Project Manager Brandi Mallek at 813-974-1827 or


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