USF Health Service Corps - Farmworkers / Poverty Forum

USF Health Service Corps - Farmworkers

To help mark the recent Mexican Independence Day, and to reach out to an underserved community, the USF Health Service Corps and Dade City-based “Farmworkers Self-Help” held a health fair fiesta. We’ll take you there on University Beat on WUSF TV.

Poverty Forum

They’re some pretty big concepts: poverty and the effect it has on the education of low-income children in poor neighborhoods. A group of USF faculty and researchers is hoping to take ideas developed across disciplines and turn them into action that will make a difference, with the help of the community, elected officials and non-profit and public agencies. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 takes you to the group’s first forum and talks with some of the people behind this major undertaking.

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USF Health Service Corps - Farmworkers
USF Health Service Corps
Ellen Kent, MPH, CPH, Coordinator 813-974-6622
USF Health Service Corps website
Farmworkers Self-Help
352-567-1432 Facebook page
Poverty Forum
Susan D. Greenbaum, Emeritus Professor
USF Department of Anthropology
Lance Arney, Ph.D., Associate Director
USF Office of Community Engagement & Partnerships
Community Engagement website


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