Migrant Research / Library Show & Tell

Library Show & Tell

Did you ever wonder what’s behind the doors of the Special Collections of the USF Tampa Library?
Some lucky folks got to find out, as just a small portion of the hundreds of thousands of objects in the archives were on display at an event called “A Few of Our Favorite Things.” See more on University Beat on WUSF TV.

Migrant Research

USF anthropology professor Heide Castañeda recently spent two months in Mexico and Texas meeting with some of the immigrants crossing into these areas as they fled Central America. She talked with them about their dangerous journey to the U.S., as well as with people who live there to learn what they think of what’s happening. We’ll talk to her about what she saw on this week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7.

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A Closer Look at Highlights from the USF Library Special Collections

Matt Knight, Coordinator of the USF Tampa Library Special Collections, shows WUSF's Mark Schreiner some of the highlights from the collections.

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Library Show & Tell
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Migrant Research
Heide Castañeda, Assoc. Professor, USF Dept. of Anthropology
813-974-2138 hcastaneda@usf.edu
WUSF News story on Prof. Castañeda's trip


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