Palestinian Dance Class

Palestinian Dance Class

USF St. Petersburg education major Dwayne Scheuneman is a veteran, an athlete, and a teacher of dance to both disabled and able-bodied children. That latter skill recently brought him to Palestine's West Bank, where his class had to deal with the interruption of war. Scheuneman talks about how dance can be a refuge on University Beat on WUSF TV.

Palestinian Dance Class

St. Petersburg student Dwayne Scheuneman runs a local dance company that features both disabled and able-bodied performers. The wheelchair-bound Scheuneman recently worked in the Middle East with a Palestinian dance company that has teachers and students of various religious backgrounds and physical abilities performing together. His visit occurred just as tensions exploded in the region. Dwayne tells his story on this week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7.

Video Extras

Closing Performance of the TOT course for dancers with disabilities

Video Extras

TOT course for Dancers with Disabilities -Documentary Film with Subtitles

Closing performance of the "Training of Teachers" course held at Sareyyet Ramallah, a dance program for Palestinians with and without disabilities held at a community center in the West Bank. (courtesy Dwayne Scheuneman and Sareyyet Ramallah)

A documentary on what life is like for Palestinians with disabilities - make sure to click on the CC symbol at the bottom right for closed captions. (courtesy Dwayne Scheuneman and Sareyyet Ramallah)

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