Sewing Newsletter


August 2014
Volume 8/2014


Friday, August 1

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Top 12 Embroidery Tips - Part 1" Learn quick embroidery tips to streamline embellishment. Nancy and guest Kate Bashynski demonstrate
embroidery tips that save time, energy, and money. Beginner and expert embroiderers will benefit from
these techniques. Learn tips for embroidering on ready-made garments, expanding design collections by
changing colors, skipping stitches for design flexibility, and eco-hooping to save stabilizer.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Rocky Road to Kansas"The quilters of the 1930's were not only thrifty but also creative with their scraps of fabric. Their
days may have been dark and dusty but their quilts brought sunshine into their lives. Join Eleanor
for a fun way to use up scraps and create lovely quilts.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "Through Thick-And-Thin" Take an in-depth look at working with singles and thick-and-thin yarns. Eunny Jang begins with
cast-ons for singles and irregular spun yarns, and then tricks for knitting with them. Then, expert
Kristin Omdahl shows how to use short-rows for knitting a scarf. On the Yarn Spotlight, Clara Parkes
talks singles and thick-n-thin yarn constructions and their effect on stitch patterns. And finally,
on this season's last Quick Tip segment Eunny has a few strong bind-offs for unevenly spun yarns.

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