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September 2016 Volume 9/2016 WUSF TV
Mon, Sep 05

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Cuddle Buddies Hats and Scarves" Learn to create hat and scarf sets that have adorable animal features. Nancy Zieman and her guest,
Donna Fenske, share techniques to create hats and scarves with adorable animal features. Nancy shows
how to applique as you add dimensional elements like faces, ears, paws, feathers and more.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy
"Style on the Edge" Start your style at the very edge. Garment sewing expert Rebecca Kemp Brent finishes seams in various
ways for a couture look. In the style tip, sewing educator Joanne Banko brings lace in from the edge
to create reverse applique motifs. Designer and sewing engineer Gretchen Hirsch uses border prints
and scalloped edges to style her designs.

9:00 AM Beads, Baubles and Jewels "Open and Shut" Add style, movement and interest to your designs. Multi-media artist Mary Hettmansperger adds
personality, function and style to her designs with hinges. Candie Cooper returns to Katie's Beading
Lesson with cute stretchy beaded rings that are fast and easy to make for teens and tweens.

Tue, Sep 06

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Best Sweatshirt Makeovers, Part 1" Transform a wardrobe staple-the sweatshirt-into a unique garment that expresses your own personal
style. Mary Mulari joins Nancy to inspire you with some of their new projects and a few favorites
from the past 30 years. Learn how to restyle a pullover to a cardigan, apply simple appliques, and
add plackets and zippers.

8:30 AM Quilting Arts "Repurposing" Repurposing makes beautiful new things out of the old. Lynn Krawczyk shows how to recycle old quilt
blocks using surface design techniques. Trish Bowman creates a beautiful memory quilt with vintage
silk neckties. Nysha Oren Nelson alters a wooden box and uses it to beautifully display intricately
quilted pieces.

9:00 AM Fit 2 Stitch "A Trip to Europe" Every trip needs a good map or GPS to get you where you want to go. Fabric expert Mathew Malek, a
European fabric expert working in New York City, is our guide on our sewing road trip to Europe.

Wed, Sep 07

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Best Sweatshirt Makeovers, Part 2" Join the restyling trend as Nancy and her guest, Mary Mulari, revisit some of their favorite designs
and share creative ways to makeover sweatshirts with stunning results. With creative cutting and
stitching, you'll twist, turn, and topstitch a sweatshirt into your own personal style statement.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Stylish Accessories" Make your style statement from head to toe with accessories. Blogger and designer Cheryl Sleboda
makes colorful espadrilles. In the style tip, sewing educator Joanne Banko adds texture and style to
basic garments using decorative stitches. Fabric artist Kim Montagnese embellishes in free motion to
create a go-everywhere tote bag.

9:00 AM Sew It All "Collar Cuties, Lindsay Wilkes" Sew a freestanding collar to accessorize a dress or shirt, plus learn tips for DIY piping.

Thu, Sep 08

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Favorite Scarves to Sew, Part 1" Turn a rectangle of fabric into a fabulous accessory. Scarves are fashion statements that are as
enjoyable to create as they are to wear. Nancy and her guest, Donna Fenske, highlight some of Nancy's
favorite scarf techniques from past shows that can be quickly created in a variety of fabrics.

8:30 AM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting "Dressed-Up Patchwork: Piecing with Alternative Fabrics" Creating an original quilt, sometimes takes in a different direction. As quilters we work with cotton
fabrics a majority of the time. Have you been curious about all the other fabrics available, denim,
velvet, taffeta, and knits just to name a few. Can they be used in quilts? If so, what type of quilts
and how do we approach them successfully. Patrick is joined by Jerry Granata an award winning quilter
who teaches us the methods for working with alternative fabrics.

9:00 AM Knit and Crochet Now! "Ottomans" Decorate your home with these two special Ottomans: the knit Garter Stripe Ottoman with Kristin and
the Motif Ottoman designed and demonstrated by Ellen. Lena shows how to make the knit Bubbles Cowl.

Fri, Sep 09

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Favorite Scarves to Sew, Par 2" With a minimal amount of fabric and a little bit of sewing time, you can create a fashion statement
with an easy-to-make and easy-to-wear scarf. See some of Nancy's most popular and timeless designs
including the Loop and Tuck Scarf, the S-Curve Scarf, Knot Your Average Scarf, the Convertible Ride
Scarf, and the Double De-Lite Scarf.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Gothic Barn" Applique made easy using fusible interfacing.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "What A Heel!" Learn a couple of new heel tricks, plus a cool way to stitch toes together on today's show. First,
step into sock knitting with author Kate Atherley, who demonstrates different types of heel turns.
Then, meet Anne Merrow, editor of Sockupied, in her home studio. Next, its sock maven Andi Smith with
easy "after-thought" heels and why they're the perfect solution to seamless sock knitting. Then,
Tanis has the tools to step help you into sock knitting with ease. Vickie closes with at tip for
putting your toes together with the Kitchener stitch.

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