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September 2016 Volume 9/2016 WUSF TV
Mon, Sep 26

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Sew Amazing Scarves, Part 1" Sew easy scarves with amazing style using one yard or less fabric. Finish the edges of a fashionable
"O" Sew Easy pattern, create double layer bias scarves, or add the latest pendants and jewels to
scarves for smart and chic creations. Learn easy sewing techniques and creative draping ideas.

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Style for Evening"
Evening-wear for men and women offers endless style opportunities. Designer and educator Louis Carney
adds glitz and glamour to men's fashions with metallic thread and crystals. Embroidery educator
Joanne Banko creates beautiful, Asian-inspired sleepwear with embroidered details and stylish

9:00 AM Beads, Baubles and Jewels "The Shape's The Thing" Shape makes the style statement. Designer syndee holt builds style from the bottom up as she creates
no-show bezels for polymer clay jewelry. Then, she uses clay to make a seamless custom bail. In her
Beading Lesson, Katie Hacker combines suede, chain and beads for a trendy new look.

Tue, Sep 27

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Sew Amazing Scarves, Part 2" Use a little fabric and some creativity for instant success making these fashionable scarves. Create
flirty textured scarves in a matter of minutes using a few knots and a little sewing. This program
features Knot Your Average Scarf, 20-Minute Scarf, S-Curve Scarf, Flirty Scarf, and All Knotted Up
Scarf-as easy as it gets! Learn new and innovative techniques that are perfect for scarves.

8:30 AM Quilting Arts "Accessorize" Artful accessories make a bold fashion statement. Long-arm quilter Renae Haddadin makes her statement
with a trendy quilted bag. Surface designer Melissa Averinos works in 3-D to create a charming yo-yo
brooch and other accessories.

9:00 AM Fit 2 Stitch "Pattern Rules" In your sewing road trip, there are some signs along the way that will help you. Learn about pattern
rules you can use for any garment.

Wed, Sep 28

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Sew Amazing Scarves, Part 3" Sewing ideas for scarves abound in this program with a potpourri of amazing techniques. Nancy shows
her infamous wrapped corner, elastic thread shirring options, embroidery, fringing, and more. Create
easy scarves such as the Loop and Tuck, Fringed Folly, and Embroidered Elegance that are chic,
stylish, and fun to wear!

8:30 AM It's Sew Easy "Shape and Style" Good fit compliments any style. Fitting expert Judy Kessinger creates a variety of pant styles from
one pattern. Couture designer Angela Wolf shares tips for selecting and cutting out knits. Fashion
and sewing blogger Gretchen Hirsch adds eyelets to create a lace-up bodice to accent the feminine

9:00 AM Sew It All "Picnic Party, Beth Chandler" Embrace the great outdoors with a custom-fit picnic tablecloth that has pockets to hold river rock

Thu, Sep 29

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Applique-Large & Small, Part 1" Put a new twist on applique with innovative techniques that make a creative impact. Mary Mulari,
"Queen of Applique," guest hosts as Nancy takes a well deserved break. Mary details easy up-to-date
appliques. She features many new techniques using "chips to chunks" of fabric, texturing, and even
Kaleidoscope ideas.

8:30 AM Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting "Picnic In Provence" Classics are always eye catching and Picnic in Provence is definitely a classic. Patrick and his
guests Joanie Holton and Melanie Greseth will discuss the construction of this diagonal set quilt,
demonstrate their applique method and provide tips for finishing your quilt like a pro.

9:00 AM Knit and Crochet Now! "Lacy Shawls" Jenny King demonstrates her beautiful crochet Blue Lagoon Shawl-perfect for many occasions. Caryl
Piere's knit Rhea Capelet is next with Kristin. Lena shows how to make a Tunisian Scarf.

Friday, Sep 30

8:00 AM Sewing with Nancy "Applique-Large & Small, Part 2" Learn fast and easy applique tricks! Mary Mulari guest hosts and teaches new and different applique
techniques. When there's little time to sew, but you want to stitch something fun, learn how to add a
modern applique-large or small. No more detailed satin stitching! Use common machine stitches that
often never get used.

8:30 AM Quilt In A Day "Americana Star Block and Quilt" A Patriotic block make from Flying Geese Blocks.

9:00 AM Knitting Daily "Vintage Knitting" Knit something straight out of a period drama, or add a pretty detail to lend a vintage touch. Andrea
Jurgrau demonstrates a Downton Abbey inspired jabot and cuff. On our Space to Space segment, we gain
a wealth of knowledge on fashion history from the 1920s and 30s with designer Annie Modesitt. Next,
Andrea Jurgrau returns with a segment on vintage lace doilies. Then, Tanis shows that even yarn and
notions can be stately and elegant. Last, Vickie shows how to add a lacy trim for a vintage feminine

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