Shift With Tory

When a big boss told Good Morning America weekly contributor Tory Johnson she was going to send her to a stylist, Tory knew immediately that this wasn't about her clothes. She was fat and needed to finally lose weight.
 In an instant, Tory got her act together—and over the course of a year, lost more than 60 pounds and discovered a healthier, happier, better life. Join Tory for Shift with Tory Tonight, a live two-hour evening show of inspirational storytelling to candidly share the details of her dramatic weight loss and the 5-step method she’s developed to help you make major life shifts, too.


Tpepin's Hospitality Centre
4121 N 50th Street
Tampa, FL 33610
United States

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Tory Johnson

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Alex Hall
212 290 2600
Tickets are $40.
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