The Law of Attraction with Amie Escher- Part III - Manifest what you desire

Mystikal Scents Presents

The Law of Attraction
With Amie Escher

Manifest What You Desire - Part III

You are invited to this clarity and intuition building class on discovering your oneness and divine connection with The Universe using The Law of Attraction. You will discover how to listen and follow your inner guidance system which will open unlimited possibilities to realizing who you really are. Throughout this class you will learn the power of surrender, and how to effortlessly create. You will learn to enjoy the journey while being detached from the results.

You will: Discover how to transcend the ego mindset
Transform your inner world to reflect your outer world
Learn the importance of non-resistance and how to integrate this into your present life and future goals
Experience the expansion of your consciousness

This is the 3rd part of a 3 part series. You are welcome to attend this class even if you did not attend part I or II. Please bring pen and paper.
Cost of class is $35.

Interested in this class? Call 813-986-3212 to schedule.

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