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WUSF Kids delivers fun and educational programming for children. Click on your favorite show below to play games and interact with your favorite characters. Read the WUSF Kids FAQs


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Talking With Kids

Click HERE to visit PBS Parents and learn about talking to kids about "news."

Click HERE for information from PBS Parents and Mister Rogers on talking to kids about scary news.

"Helping Our Children Feel Safe,"a guide to help children deal with scary events, is available on the Arthur website


PBS Raising Readers Library Corner Kick-off

Raising Readers Library Corner Event
Monday, May 7 we had a terrific time at our Raising Readers Library Corner kick-off event at the Hardee County Public Library. There were lots of children and parents who came and enjoyed the planned activities. The library staff estimated over 70 in attendance. Activities included coloring pages, alphabet bingo, Curious George matching game, pbskids.org and Super Why masks. Every child went home with a goody bag and a smile on their face. PBS Kids Raising Readers is a national literacy campaign. It is focused on building reading skills at home, at school, in child care and in the community.

Martha Speaks


Angelina Ballerina Artist Residency Project 2014

WUSF Public Media, in partnership with the ARTZ 4 LIFE Academy, developed the Angelina Ballerina Artist Residency project.

Mentored by instructor Sir Brock Warren, the project was inspired by the children’s series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps on WUSF Kids. Each student put their best foot forward, striving for grace and beauty in movement.

Learn more, watch videos and see how this year's students have grown! >>

The Electric Company Extended Learning Program

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Everyone remembers the classic PBS program “The Electric Company”, the show that taught a generation how to read and spell. Well, “The Electric Company” is back in the classroom with a fresh look, new attitude, and the same commitment to the joys of reading.

Learn more and watch videos. >>
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