Week of December 14 2014

  • 8:00 pm - Moyers & Company -

    Moyers & Company is a weekly series of smart talk and new ideas aimed at helping viewers make sense of our tumultuous times through the insight of America’s strongest thinkers. The program also features Moyers’ hallmark essays on democracy.

  • 10:00 pm - Xmas Without China -

    Tom Xia emigrated from mainland China to California at age eight. A series of Chinese toy recalls forces Xia's neighbors, the Joneses, to have their son tested for lead poisoning.

  • 8:00 pm - Antiques Roadshow: Naughty or Nice -

    Special edition, "Naughty or Nice," makes a list and checks it twice. Enlivening the year-end holiday season, this lineup of favorite appraisals from past seasons will satisfy everyone's wish list.

  • 10:00 pm - The Silent Majority -

    Drugs and alcohol rank as the number-one health issue for American teens, killing more young people than all traffic accidents combined.

  • 9:00 pm - David Geffen: American Masters -

    Notoriously press and camera-shy, David Geffen reveals himself for the first time in this portrait of a complex and compelling man. His far-reaching influence helped shape American popular culture for the past four decades. {Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/32363811@N06}

  • 10:00 pm - Austin City Limits: Tom Waits -

    Veins of blues, jazz and folk run through the music of Waits, but it is his unique use of words that makes this California native stand apart from any other artist. Tom Waits performs in this classic episode from 1979.

  • 8:00 pm - NOVA: First Man on the Moon -

    When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, he won instant fame.

  • 9:00 pm - Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope: Christmas in Switzerland -

    Host Joseph Rosendo journeys to Lausanne, Montreux and Basel to bask in the glow of a Swiss-style Christmas at some of the country's holiday markets.

  • 10:00 pm - The National Christmas Tree Lighting 2014 -

    This special includes appearances and performances by some of the most recognizable names in entertainment.

  • 8:00 pm - Father Brown: The Ghost in the Machine -

    Father Brown is skeptical when a parishioner believes she's being haunted by her sister who went missing years ago. However when she herself vanishes, he must investigate both disappearances.

  • 9:00 pm - Doc Martin: The Wrong Goodbye -

    Martin and Pauline are surprised by the number of patients coming to see him on the last day before his Surgery closes and he moves to London. Louisa's life is in danger. Martin rushes after Louisa, finding her safe at the scene of a road accident caused by Tommy.

  • 10:00 pm - Scott & Bailey -

    The team finally break down the wall of silence maintained by their four murder suspects and uncover the shockingly banal truth behind the killings. Meanwhile, Rachel cannot fight her attraction to Sean - but will she regret her actions?

  • 8:00 pm - David Suchet in the Footsteps of St. Peter (Part 1) -

    Though he is considered one of the most important figures in early Christianity and the "rock" of the Roman Catholic Church, Saint Peter is also one of the most puzzling characters in history. In the fascinating two-part documentary, actor David Suchet traces the footsteps of St.

  • 9:00 pm - David Suchet in the Footsteps of St. Peter (Part 2) -

    Suchet uncovers the story behind Peter's remarkable post-resurrection turnaround and learns about the vital role Peter played in keeping the early church from splintering.

  • 10:00 pm - Joshua Bell Presents Musical Gifts -

    In celebration of the release of his 2013 album, Musical Gifts, world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell welcomed cameras into his elegant Manhattan residence for a rare and intimate concert.

  • 8:00 pm - NATURE: Christmas In Yellowstone -

    As snow falls and Christmas lights glow in Jackson Hole, a holiday season of a different sort settles in just beyond the town, in the great winter world of Yellowstone.

  • 10:00 pm - Midsomer Murders: Tale of Two Hamlets, Part 1 -

    The Death of a young film star at the opening of a "satanic experience" at his family's ancestral home brings Barnaby and Troy to the feuding villages of Upper and Lower Warden.

  • 9:00 pm - A Christmas Carol: The Concert -

    The first time Dickens' classic tale has been adapted for a live orchestral concert with choir and soloists, and performed for audiences in a concert setting.

  • 8:00 pm - Magic Moments - The Best of 50's Pop -

    The MY MUSIC series brings back the happiest hits from the days of poodle skirts and penny loafers with "Magic Moments: The Best Of 50s Pop," an unforgettable concert featuring singing sensations from a kinder and gentler time.

  • 10:00 pm - Suze Orman's Financial Solutions for You -

    Suze’s latest special focuses on helping viewers find financial solutions that fit their unique situations. The special’s central theme is that financial decision-making should be guided by an understanding of “the goal of money,” which Suze perceptively defines as “to make you feel secure.”

  • 9:30 pm - Deepak Chopra: The Future of God -

    A groundbreaking and thought provoking special in which world renowned spiritual teacher and medical doctor Deepak Chopra demonstrates that the tools of our most advanced fields of science can be used to answer some of these fundamentally spiritual questions. Most importantly, Dr.

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