Week of December 16 2012

  • 9:00 pm - Hollywood Stars Film Package: No Time For Sergeants -

    A naive and stubborn Georgia rube (Andy Griffith) joins the peacetime
    Air Force and talks back to his sergeant (Myron McCormick). Cast: Andy
    Griffith, Myron McCormick, Nick Adams.

  • 8:00 pm - NOVA: Mystery of Easter Island -

    A remote, bleak speck of rock in the middle of the Pacific, Easter
    Island, or Rapa Nui, has mystified the world ever since the first
    Europeans arrived in 1722. How and why did the ancient islanders build
    and move nearly 900 giant statues or moai, weighing up to 86 tons? And

  • 9:00 pm - Secrets of the Dead: The Silver Pharaoh -

    The royal tomb of Pharaoh Psusennes I is one of the most spectacular
    of all the ancient Egyptian treasures - even more remarkable than that of Tutankhamen. So why hasn't the world heard about it? What mysteries
    does it contain? And what does it reveal about ancient Egypt? The tomb

  • 9:30 pm - European Christmas Markets -

    Join us on our discovery of Europe's Christmas Markets, where the
    town center, market square or just the narrow, cobblestone streets of
    the cities and towns of Europe come alive in winter with festively
    decorated wooden stalls offering all sorts of treats and delights. As

  • 8:00 pm - Ballykissangel: He Healeth the Sick -

    Father Aidan inadvertently performs a "miracle" on a bedridden woman,
    but both he and Father Mac are suspicious. Siobhan devotes her time to
    caring for an injured fox brought in by new resident Sean Dillon, who
    Eamonn suspects is breeding foxes to kill his sheep. Niamh quits her

  • 9:00 pm - William and Mary -

    Molly finally comes home from hospital and the family anxiously wait
    to hear her results. When she wins ten thousand pounds in a
    competition Rick worries that she has had all the good luck that she
    can get in one week. William gets a shock when he meets the twin

  • 10:00 pm - MI-5 -

    The award-winning, sophisticated spy drama returns for a rip-roaring
    eighth series. The fallout from Russia's attack on London finds the
    team in a race against time to rescue Harry, who has been kidnapped by
    rogue Russian agents. But as they dig deeper into his disappearance,

  • 8:30 pm - Burt Wolf: Travel & Traditions of Christmas in Vienna, Austria -

    Christmas is observed in cities throughout the world, but the
    festivities in the Austrian city of Vienna are unique. Burt joins the
    celebration, explains the ancient history and meaning of Christmas,
    tours Vienna's famous Christmas markets, and discovers why we have

  • 10:00 pm - Heirloom Meals Christmas -

    Hosted by culinary artist and public-radio personality Carole Murko,
    HEIRLOOM MEALS CHRISTMAS celebrates the holiday season by delving into
    America's rich and diverse culinary history and honoring tried-andtrue
    recipes and dining traditions. As she did in Heirloom Meals

  • 9:00 pm - Last Chance to "Aye-Aye" -

    Stephen and Mark travel to Madagascar in search of the mysterious
    nocturnal aye-aye, a lemur so ugly that it is said locally to bring
    death to those who encounter it. The boys visit Nosy Mangabe, an
    idyllic island where Mark encountered aye-aye on his original visit

  • 10:00 pm - Last Chance to See the Komodo Dragon -

    Stephen and Mark travel to the Malay Archipelago on their way to the
    Indonesian island of Komodo where they hope to see Komodo dragons.
    They begin with a trip to Snake Island where they encounter one of the
    world's deadliest snakes. Their onward journey takes them to a turtle

  • 8:00 pm - Antiques Roadshow : Cats & Dogs -

    Whether it's a ceramic dog or a painted cat, this special is chock
    full of appraisals featuring felines and canines - in sculpture, on
    canvas and in many other forms. Take a look at an original "Hush
    Puppy" mascot, dog portraits and one "naughty cat" bronze.

  • 9:00 pm - Vera Stanhope: Telling Tales -

    It was only after Jeanie Long's suicide hit the headlines that
    evidence came to light exonerating her for the murder of 15-year-old
    Abigail Mantel 11 years before. Jeanie had always insisted she was
    innocent but no one, including her own family, believed her. Vera sets

  • 8:00 pm - Legendary Bing Crosby -

    Celebrated crooner Bing Crosby was an entertainment icon, capturing
    the hearts of fans around the world through his remarkable songs and
    memorable film and television appearances. THE LEGENDARY BING CROSBY
    presents many of the entertainer's best performances from his network

  • 9:00 pm - Hollywood Stars Film Package: Soldier in the Rain -

    An Army supply sergeant's (Steve McQueen) tragic hero is a portly
    master sergeant (Jackie Gleason) who knows his way around. Cast:
    Jackie Gleason, Steve McQueen, Tuesday Weld.

  • 8:00 pm - Great Performances: Rigoletto from Mantua -

    Filmed on location in and around Mantua, Italy, this production of
    "Rigoletto" stars Placido Domingo in the title role, Julia Novikova as
    Gilda, and Vittorio Grigolo as The Duke. Zubin Mehta conducts.

  • 8:00 pm - Moyers & Company -

    In 1983, 50 corporations controlled a majority of American media. Now that number is six. And Big Media may get even bigger, thanks to the FCC’s consideration of ending a rule preventing companies from owning a newspaper and radio and TV stations in the same big city.

  • 10:00 pm - Rockin' the Wall -

    Rockin' the Wall presents the history of the Berlin Wall through the
    experiences of well-know rock musicians and those who lived behind the
    wall. Among the rock musicians featured are Robby Krieger (The Doors),
    Mark Stein and Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot),

  • 8:00 pm - Vera Stanhope: Hidden Depths -

    After two beautiful young people are killed in the same manner -
    placed in water and surrounded by flowers - DCI Vera Stanhope knows
    that she must find the murderer before he strikes again. With the help
    of her trusted team, primarily Sergeant Joe Ashworth, she unpicks the

  • 10:00 pm - Dying to Live -

    Every day in the U.S. about twenty people die waiting for transplant
    organs, because not enough of us are donors. Dying To Live tells the
    inspiring stories of four hopeful organ recipients as they struggle to
    stay alive long enough to reach the top of the long waiting list. The

  • 9:00 pm - American Masters: Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides -

    Called "the most natural and least self-conscious screen actor that
    has ever lived" by critic Pauline Kael, Jeff Bridges has been plying
    his craft most of his life. With a first role as an infant in his
    mother Dorothy's arms and a childhood television debut in his father

  • 9:00 pm - Backstage Pass Christmas, Vol. 2 -

    Celebrate the season with holiday selections from Those Delta Rhythm
    Kings, The Mickeys, Frog & the Beeftones, The MSU Voice Faculty
    Quartet, Thom Jayne & the Nomads, Groove Merchant, Delilah DeWylde &
    the Lost Boys, Don Middlebrook & Living Soul and The Verve Pipe.

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