Visiting Golding Artists Isak Applin & Carl Baratta Lecture

"Photography lecture: ""O Trees, To Whom Sunlight is a Tattered Pilgrim: Part II, The Slideshow"" with Isak Applin and Carl Baratta.. This lecture sponsored by the Stuart S. Golding Endowment in Modern and Contemporary Art.

Isak Applin and Carl Baratta studied together at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The two artists began to make woodcuts together in 2007. In 2009 Oli Watt joined the collaborative effort. Several of these collaborative prints are currently on view at Columbia College’s Center for Book and Paper Arts. Isak Applin has recently been included in exhibitions at Sidecar Gallery in Hammond, Indiana and Bourouina Gallery, Berlin, Germany. His graphic work may be found in the Boston Public Library Print Collection and in the New York Public Library Special Collections. Carl Baratta recently had a solo show at Lloyd Dobler in Chicago. Carl’s work was also included in the last Venice Biennale. Currently, his paintings may be seen at the DePaul Art Museum and the Roger Brown Study Collection in Chicago. "


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