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How many tools does it take to wire a studio?

WUSF’s engineers continue working feverishly on the new Sarasota studio. Wires are being installed for live performances and interviews and the speakers and clocks are up in both the control room and the performance studio. WUSF's engineers are working on a tight deadline and hope to have all the installations completed by the second week in February.

Control room and interview desk

WUSF's engineers are working diligently to get the studio up and running; it is a work in progress. The studio needs to be wired for live performances and interviews, which could take several weeks.

Additionally, the studio is still missing key pieces of furniture that will make our studio guests more comfortable. WUSF is still seeking funding for the new Steinway Model B Piano that will go in the studio.

Yesterday, the official clock that is controlled by a GPS on the roof of the building, was installed. This is very important to make sure that both Tampa and Sarasota studios are in sync. Also the "On Air" signs were installed this week!

WUSF's engineers are wo...

One section of the new antenna is being hoisted to the top of the tower as the crew rides along to the top.

Progress is being made this week as the tower crew and engineering company have been installing the new antenna and transmitter for WSMR 89.1 that will enable us to broadcast at full power.

Warm incandescent lighting and new hardwood floors almost complete the studio.

Hardwood floors were installed this week at WSMR's Sarasota studio. Sound-dampening drapes surround the room in sections which allow greater flexibility and control of the sound quality.

Most of the finishing work is complete, and the studio is ready for audio equipment to be installed at the beginning of next month.

Check out images of this week's progress!

Lights and ceiling are complete

Construction on the Sarasota Performance studio is almost complete. The walls are now a soft sea green. Hard-wood flooring will be installed this week, and it will be ready for occupancy the last week of November.

In some of the images we've posted, you can see a railing that surrounds the main room. It will hold a theatrical drape that can enclose the entire room, cutting out light and sound. Sound absorption panels will be added later in the week.

Ceiling lights and tiles

Progress on the Sarasota studio for live WSMR 89.1 performances continues with the installation of ceiling lights and tiles.

smooth white walls

The Sarasota studio is taking shape with new smooth white surfaces being applied to walls. This room within a room will allow total separation from outside noises and vibration that could be translated through the building structure.

Duct work is coming along and the ceilings will be finished next.

studio construction

Progress continues on the WSMR 89.1 studios and performance studio. This week workers finished building out the sound dampening walls and are now installing the ventilation system. Look for updates at as the studios near completion and the new antenna and equipment will be arriving soon to bring the station up to full power.

radio tower at sunset

WSMR 89.1 is on at low power - and will be - until our new antenna arrives and is installed.

A very small percentage of our listeners can hear the station right now, but that will change over the next several weeks. We look forward to being able to serve significantly more people in our audience with classical WSMR 89.1 and we appreciate your patience as we make these improvements.

Don't forget - you can still listen to Bethany, Russ and Coleen with classical music online at and

WUSF 89.7 and WSMR 89.1 coverage map

WUSF Public Media has made some exciting new changes to radio that will mean more valuable programming to our audience. WUSF has changed the format of WUSF 89.7 and is purchasing a new classical radio station WSMR 89.1.

On September 15 WUSF 89.7 began broadcasting a news and information format with all night jazz. WUSF 89.7², our HD radio channel, began broadcasting all music.

We had planned to launch the new station on WSMR 89.1 and the new format on WUSF 89.7 at the same time, but had some unanticipated delays due to interference problems at the new broadcast tower site. Over the past few weeks, engineers have been conducting tests and making recommendations for chang...

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