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  • Doctors With Multiple Malpractice Settlements Still Practice

    A review of medical malpractice claims found 29 doctors had at least six complaints that ended in insurance payments. Most of them continue to practice without discipline from the state

  • Wildest Islands - Zanzibar

    Land of Giants: Lying 40km off the east coast of Tanzania in Africa, the Zanzibar Archipelago has been labelled the most exotic island chain in the world. Thursday July 27, 9:00 PM 16.1.

  • Robert Schumann: Symphony No. 2

    Robert Schumann's Second Symphony was born out of this lifestyle change, a work that is decidedly triumphant and optimistic. Our Evening Masterwork tonight at 7 PM on Classical WSMR.

  • All Night Jazz: Steve Davis

    Mike Cornette will share music and conversation with trombonist Steve Davis, whose latest release “Think Ahead” is receiving rave reviews. The adventure begins tonight at 9 PM on WUSF 89.7.



U.S. military units have long used technology like night vision goggles to enhance their sense of sight. Now they're trying to get a battlefield edge with their ears, too. The Marine Corps is experimenting with quieted-down weapons and electronic hearing enhancements that could reshape the soundscape of warfare. They want to minimize some sounds...


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Florida Matters

Florida Matters: Foster Care In The Suncoast Region
There's been a spike in the number of kids being removed from their homes in the Tampa Bay Area over the past few years. And foster care agencies are struggling to keep up with the influx. This week on Florida Matters we're... more...

Classical WSMR

Robert Schumann: Symphony No. 2 in C Op. 61
Program: Evening Masterwork
Robert Schumann suffered all kinds of ailments throughout his lifetime – auditory hallucinations, depression, and even bipolar disorder. But in 1845, some of that changed – at least temporarily – when he accompanied his wife Clara on a performance tour of Russia, and then settled into life in Dresden. It was here that Schumann began composing in a more “professional” way. Rather than waiting for...more...

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University Beat

Doctors sew a kidney into a recipient patient during a kidney transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2012 in Baltimore, MD. (courtesy  Brendan Smialowski / AFP/Getty Images/NPR)
Tampa General Hospital is already one of the country’s busiest organ transplant centers. Now, they’re teaming up with USF Health to create a new institute that will handle advanced transplant surgeries and recovery. On University Beat on WUSF 89.7, we’ll sit down with the leader of the program,... more...

All Night Jazz

Steve Davis
Program: All Night Jazz
Tonight on All Night Jazz, the “Other Nine to Five,” Mike Cornette will share music and conversation with trombonist Steve Davis, whose latest release “Think Ahead” is receiving rave reviews. Plus, we’ll hear more from our focus artist of the week, alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges. Then later, at midnight, it’s our 12 O’clock-tail: another version of Billy Strayhorn’s classic composition “Lush Life...more...

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Health News Florida PriceCheck

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