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  • AARP Opposition to American Health Care Act

    The AARP says the bill would create an age tax, harm people with pre-existing conditions and weaken Medicare

  • Nature: Hotel Armadillo

    You won't find this hotel on the beaches of Rio. Deep in the heart of the Brazilian wetlands, the mysterious and secretive Giant armadillo digs a new burrow every other night. Thursday May 25, 8:... more...

  • Reinhold Gliere: Harp Concerto Op. 74

    Gliere’s 1938 Harp Concerto features idiomatic writing for the instrument: arpeggiated chords, rich chords and simple melodies. Our Evening Masterwork tonight at 7 PM on Classical WSMR.

  • All Night Jazz: Miles Davis

    On All Night Jazz, the “Other Nine to Five,” Mike Cornette will do some digging in Egypt on our Jazz Trip @ Ten with music from our focus artist of the week Miles Davis. Begins tonight at 9 PM on... more...



There are a variety of ways to honor the fallen this Memorial Day, several are listed below. Orginaly, it was called Decoration Day named after the practice of families and citizens who “decorated” the Civil War graves of fallen troops with wreaths and flowers. The day dedicated to remembrance was expanded to include American soldiers who died...


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Florida Matters

It costs a lot of money to keep Florida’s beaches “postcard ready.” How much sand is on your favorite beach? In some cases, not quite enough. his past spring, Pinellas County State Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Kathleen... more...

Classical WSMR

George W. Chadwick: Symphony No. 2 in B-flat Op. 21
Program: Evening Masterwork
George W. Chadwick’s music is distinctly American – and his music was catalyzed by the “American sounding” music of Dvorak. One of the truest hallmarks of Chadwick’s output was the scherzo, and one of his earlier scherzos received its premiere by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1884. Audiences loved it so much they demanded to hear it twice, an unprecedented moment in the orchestra’s history....more...

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University Beat

USF Health faculty member Larry Collins gives new PA students a tour of the simulation lab (courtesy USF Health Communications).
Thirty students are pioneers of a sort, as they’re members of the inaugural class of the USF Health Physician Assistant program. The group is embarking on an intense two-year education process that their teachers say is as demanding as the one doctors go through. We’ll tell you about the program,... more...

All Night Jazz

Miles Davis
Program: All Night Jazz
Tonight on All Night Jazz, the “Other Nine to Five,” Mike Cornette will do some digging in Egypt on our Jazz Trip@Ten with music from our focus artist of the week Miles Davis. Plus, our “Bass-ically Ron Carter” month-long tribute to bassist Ron Carter continues. Then later, at midnight, it’s our 12 O’clock-tail: another version of Billy Strayhorn’s classic composition “Lush Life.” The adventure...more...

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Health News Florida PriceCheck

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Health News Florida is the only news publication dedicated to covering health issues in the nation’s third largest state. We hold health care policy makers, powerbrokers and practitioners accountable.

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