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  • Clinics Help Dental Patients

    In 2014, Floridians visited the emergency room 165,000 times for tooth pain, racking up a whopping $234 million. Many of these visits could have been avoided with preventative care at clinics.

  • Evening Masterworks: Grofe

    You'll hear composer Ferde Grofe bring the Grand Canyon sunrise, bird chirps, and nature sounds to life with a full orchestra. Tonight at 7:00 PM on Classical WSMR.

  • All Night Jazz: Nomads

    It's the Ides of March, and Mike Cornette and Whitney James will be wandering among the nomads on the Jazz Trip @ Ten. The adventure begins at 9:00 PM  on WUSF 89.7


WUSF 2018 Spring Campaign


The Florida Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo is pushing the envelope for students interested in STEM subjects. “Whereas STEM is very straight sense, science, technology, engineering, and math, STEMIE takes it that next step further,” says Tracy Zuluaga, Executive Director of Bright Young Minds Coalition. STEMIE adds emphasis on...

Florida Matters

Florida Matters: School Violence Town Hall
The deadly high school shooting in Parkland has people across the nation talking about how to make schools safer. Dozens of Tampa Bay residents and community leaders shared their thoughts on the issue at a... more...

Classical WSMR

Ferde Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite
Program: Evening Masterwork
When asked about his “Grand Canyon Suite” in a radio interview some-forty years after it was composed, American Composer Ferde Grofe reminisced about the moment the idea for the piece was born. He recalled, "I first saw the dawn because we got there the night before and camped. I was spellbound in the silence, you know, because as it got lighter and brighter then you could hear the birds chirping...more...

University Beat

Miguel Mora, an 16th century Spanish expolorer, shipwrecked and was taken captive by indians in what is now present day Miami. He and several others spent 10 months in captivity. Mora's story and others are told in La Florida, an interative website. (courtesy La Florida)
A University of South Florida St. Petersburg history professor spent years chronicling early Florida Spanish history. Now he's launching an interactive website that allows visitors to peer into the lives of those who helped shape Florida. Tim Fanning has a look at the site on University Beat on... more...

All Night Jazz

Mike Cornette and Whitney James: Ides of March
Program: All Night Jazz
It’s the Ides of March and Mike Cornette and Whitney James will be wandering among the nomads on the Jazz Trip@Ten. Plus more music from our focus artist of the week, vibraphonist Stefon Harris. Then later, at midnight, it’s our 12 O’clock-tail: another version of Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life.” more...

Special News Reports

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