Sunday Baroque Listings: October 2, 2016

Sunday Baroque Listings: October 2, 2016

Hour 1:
In 1669, at the tender age of 20, John Blow stepped into the prestigious job of organist at Westminster Abbey. More than 300 years later, the Westminster Abbey Choir recorded some of John Blow’s Coronation Anthems. You’ll hear two of them on Sunday Baroque this weekend.

Hour 2:
Johann Sebastian Bach REALLY wanted to meet George Frideric Handel, so when he heard the composer would be visiting a town about 20 miles away, Bach borrowed a horse from his boss to make the trip. Unfortunately, he arrived too late, and the two composers never met face-to-face. This week on Sunday Baroque music by Handel and other composers in Bach’s impressive circle of friends, acquaintances and students.

Hour 3:
When Andrew Lawrence King attended a party at a harpmaker’s home, he never imagined he’d come home owning a harp!  He didn’t even know how to play the instrument, but that fateful purchase changed his life and career.  Andrew Lawrence King even formed his own ensemble, The Harp Consort, and you’ll hear them play this weekend on Sunday Baroque.

Hour 4:
Rodgers and Hammerstein … Gilbert and Sullivan … Lennon and McCartney – they’re just a few of the many successful musical collaborations. In the baroque era, there was George Frideric Handel and his fan and patron Charles Jennens, who partnered with him on MESSIAH, SAUL and other oratorios. And some of Jean Baptiste Lully’s most memorable works were his partnerships with the writer Moliere. Those are some of the productive collaborations coming up on Sunday Baroque this weekend.


Air Date: 
Sunday, October 2, 2016 - 10:00am