Then & Now 2/23: A Local World Premiere

Then & Now 2/23:  A Local World Premiere

On this date in 2005, Danny Elfman’s first symphonic concert work “Serenada Schizophrana” had its premiere in Carnegie Hall.  Elfman is probably best known for his work in TV and film, writing the theme for the Simpsons, and various Tim Burton creations.  As for the first performance of his symphonic work, Elfman said that it was “a thrilling and surreal experience.” 

You can enjoy the thrill of the world premiere of a special Florida Orchestra commission. Rising star composer and Tampa native Michael Ippolito wrote a work inspired by Florida especially to honor the 50th anniversary of the orchestra.  The piece is called Triptych, which has three sections that represent the composer reconnecting with where he grew up.  The word premiere of Triptych takes place this weekend, details and tickets are online at