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Always informative, always lively, always on top of the news - that's the "Journal". DW-TV's 30-minute news programme is broadcast every hour, on the hour, alternatively in English and German. It is also aired six times a day in Arabic via Nilesat to the Middle East, and there's a Spanish version broadcast twice-daily to Latin America. Watch what is making the news in Germany and Europe: Reports covering global hotspots, political and cultural developments, the latest from the world of sports and the most current data from the international financial markets. The "Journal" is rounded out by "In Depth", which highlights a major story of the day. Two presenters guide viewers through the Journal, bringing all their experience and competence to bear in delivering the news, always to the point in a seventeen minute current affairs segment. Mondays to Fridays, this section concentrates on hard news and business, with an increased emphasis on sporting events at the weekend. Reports include a look at Bundesliga matches and the background to go with them, as well as what’s happening in Formula 1 and various other premiere sports.

From Journal - Deutsce Welle

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