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Sunday Baroque allows you an opportunity each week to explore Baroque and early music (written before 1750). Composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel were the cornerstones of this era, with masterpieces including the Water Music, Royal Fireworks Music, and the Brandenburg Concertos. Sunday Baroque celebrates the current wealth of recorded repertoire available, with great performances by yesterday's and today's best performers.

This week on Sunday Baroque

Sunday Baroque: Georg Philipp Telemann
Hour 1: Georg Philipp Telemann lived to the ripe old age of 86, outliving most of his contemporaries and actively composing almost to the end. He was exceptionally prolific throughout his life, and his output includes one of the earliest, if not THE first concerto for solo viola, composed when Telemann was in his 30s. It’s one of Sunday Baroque’s musical highlights this weekend. Hour 2: As the...
March 11, 2018 on Classical Music

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This Week on Sunday Baroque

Hour 1: SOME of Antonio Vivaldi’s hundreds of Concertos have descriptive nicknames – the Four Seasons are probably the best example. And Vivaldi may have heard peasants blowing on...
Sunday Baroque Listings: April 16, 2017
Hour 1: Music was NOT the original career Antonio Vivaldi trained to pursue. He studied for the priesthood and was even ordained, but within the first year, he gave up his church r...
Sunday Baroque Listings: February 19, 2017
Hour 1: 1685 was an important year for music – George Frideric Handel was born on February 23rd, about a month before Johann Sebastian Bach. Sunday Baroque will celebrate Handel’s...


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