WUSF Radio Audience

Total Survey Area counties for WUSF’s listening area (October 2014 Arbitron):

WUSF Radio Coverage Map

Total Survey Area (TSA) (larger circle) Cume equals 224,000 listeners each week. (Cume is the number of unduplicated listeners who tune to WUSF each week for at least 5 minutes.)

Metro Cume* (smaller circle) equals 182,300 listeners each week. WUSF 89.7 broadcasts in the 19th largest radio market in the United States. WUSF’s Total Survey Area (TSA) Time Spent Listening (TSL) is 8.9 hours.

MSA Average Quarter Hour (AQH) Share or WUSF’s percentage of listeners to radio in the market is 3.7%. Share is a percentage that looks at only people who listen to radio. When using this number you are looking at a universe that is made up of people that listen to radio and this is a vital number that lets WUSF know how the station is performing with people who use radio.

WUSF 89.7 Age HH Income Education
About 229,900 listeners: 34% are 65 or older 41% are at $75,000 55% + are College Grads
50.2% (Male)  49.8% (Female) 21% are 55-64 24% are at $50,00 to $74,999 32% have Some College
More than 88% are 35+ 13% are 45-54 15% are at $35,000 to $49,999 13% have Completed HS/GED
More than 88% have HH incomes above $50,000 20% are 35-44 12% are at $25,000 to $34,999 1%  <12th Grade
86% have attended college 9% are 25-34 8% are <$25,000 n/a


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