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  • France Win Football World Cup
    France have won the football World Cup with a 4-2 victory over Croatia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Also in the programme: President Trump arrives in Helsinki for a one-day summit with the Russian president Vladimir Putin; and how fatal scorpion stings are on the rise in Brazilian cities. (Photo: French President Emmanuel Macron at the World Cup final in Moscow. Credit: EPA)
  • Theresa May Reveals Donald Trump's Brexit Advice
    Donald Trump told Theresa May she should sue the EU rather than negotiate over Brexit, she has told the BBC. The US president said on Friday at a joint press conference he had given her a suggestion - but she had found it too "brutal". Also on the programme: we look ahead to this afternoon's World Cup final, and the father of one of the Thai boys rescued from the cave tells us how frightened they must have been. (Photo: Donald Trump and Theresa May, credit: AFP)
  • Eritrean President In Landmark Visit To Ethiopia
    The Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki has visited Ethiopia for the first time since a border war began between the two countries in 1998, in an effort to cement peace between them. Also in the programme: Malta's dispute with Italy over responsibility for African migrants stranded at sea continues; and the German tennis player Angelique Kerber beats Serena Williams to become the Women's Wimbledon Champion. (Picture: Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki (L) and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Credit: Reuters)
  • Nicaragua: Students Under Attack in Church
    About 150 students in Nicaragua have been trapped inside a church at the main university in Managua after coming under attack from paramilitary groups sympathetic to the government of president Daniel Ortega. So far only a few injured protesters and a journalist have been allowed to leave. We hear from a journalist inside the church. Also in the programme: The president of Eritrea on his first visit to Ethiopia in two decades; and what do the Mueller hacking indictments against 12 Russians mean for Monday's meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin? (Image: Pro-government supporters in Masaya, Nicaragua. Credit: Reuters/Oswaldo Rivas)
  • Donald Trump Sends Mixed Messages On First Day Of UK Visit
    Donald Trump's visit to the UK has got off to an eventful start with a press conference alongside UK Prime Minister Theresa May. During the meeting he denied that he had criticised her in his interview with a British newspaper. The president also said a US trade deal with the UK was possible once it left the EU, contradicting his earlier recorded comments. Also on the programme: Residents of Basra take to the streets, demanding jobs and better services and we find out more about a suicide bombing in Pakistan which has killed over a hundred and twenty people. (Photo: Donald Trump and Theresa May, Credit: PA)
  • Donald Trump Arrives In The UK
    Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for a three-day working visit - his first as president. The visit raises questions over the UK-US “special relationship” as well as Trump’s own views on the “turmoil” in British politics. Also on the programme: the British government publishes its most detailed Brexit plan yet and we hear from one of the cave divers involved in the Thailand rescue. (Photo: Trump arriving at Blenheim, Credit: AFP/Getty)
  • Trump Says Nato Will Raise Defence Spending
    President Trump says he's now "very happy" with his Nato allies, because they've committed to "substantially" increase their defence contributions. No country has yet confirmed that increased spending. Was this a victory in Brussels for President Trump? Also in the programme: we hear from one of the divers who helped rescue the football team trapped in a cave system in Thailand. Picture: President Trump holds a press conference in Brussels following a two-day Nato summit. Credit: AFP Photo.
  • Trump: Nato members should double defence spending target
    President Trump has urged allies to increase military spending targets from 2% to 4% of their annual output. Also in the programme: Families of victims accuse German authorities of failures in neo-Nazi murder case; and Ugandan government reconsiders tax on social media use. (Photo: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (L) and US President Donald Trump (R). Credit: AFP / Getty Images)
  • Trump: "Germany Is Totally Controlled By Russia"
    US President Donald Trump has suggested Germany's imports of Russian natural gas are a security concern, as he and other Nato leaders gather for a summit. Also in the programme: fresh details emerge about the successful rescue of the Thai cave boys; German Neo-Nazi Beate Zschäpe is found guilty of 10 racially-motivated murders; and the United States contemplates tariffs on another $200bn-worth of Chinese products. (Photo: President Trump arrives in Europe. Credit: AFP)
  • Joy and Relief After Thailand Cave Rescue
    All 12 boys and their football coach were rescued after more than two weeks trapped in a cave. Also in the programme: Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo’s widow leaves China after eight years of house arrest; and five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo swaps Real Madrid for Juventus. Picture: Four Thai Navy Seals are seen after leaving the cave safe during the rescue mission in Thailand. Credit: Thai Navy Seal/via Reuters.


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