Florida Matters

  • Florida Matters News Roundtable: The Latest In State Politics And Pulse Two Years Later

    State politicians are jockeying for position before the August primaries.

  • Florida Matters: Life After The Parkland Shooting

    Seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland recently celebrated graduation.

  • Florida Matters: 2018 Hurricane Season

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predict this year will be normal or above average with up to four major hurricanes. 


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Florida Matters: Life After The Parkland Shooting
Seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland recently celebrated graduation, but they had to do so while still dealing with the trauma from the February mass shooting. This week on Florida Matters, we meet one of...more...

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Florida Matters: 2018 Hurricane Season
This week on Florida Matters we talk to weather experts and hear stories about how communities across the state are preparing for the 2018 hurricane season. The season kicked off on June 1, and scientists with the National...
Florida Matters Re-Broadcast: Health Care Town Hall
While across the nation the cultural and political tug-of-war over health care rages on, locally, healers keep on healing. But providing care for people can get complicated when they don’t have health insurance. Florida Matters...
Florida Matters News Roundtable: Politics, Opioid Lawsuit, Mosaic Relocation & More
Florida sues the nation’s biggest drug makers, political battles heat up and Hillsborough attracts a Fortune 500 company headquarters. Those are just some of the latest state news stories we’ll discuss with reporters on this...
Florida Matters: Navigating The Medical Marijuana Industry
More and more Floridians every week are signing up for access to medical marijuana, and with over 100,000 patients already on the registry, there is clearly money to be made. This week on Florida Matters we talk with people who...

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