Podcast FAQs

Q. What is podcasting?
A. Podcasting is an exciting new technology that allows you to download audio programs (usually MP3 files) to your computer via the Internet. Radio shows and other content can be transmitted directly to your personal computer and portable music player.

Q. How is podcasting different from other online media?
A. Podcasting is very distinct from other types of online media delivery because of its subscription model, which uses a feed such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to deliver an enclosed file. Podcasting enables independent producers to create self-published, syndicated "radio shows," and gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method.

Q. What do I need to hear podcasts?
A. You may subscribe to feeds using "podcatching" software, which periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. Software options include the latest version of Apple's iTunes or other services such as Odeo or iPodder. You will be able to listen to podcast audio from your computer if a sound card is installed and it is capable of playing MP3 audio files. If you want to make your podcasts portable, you will need to transfer them from your computer to a portable media device.

Q. How do I subscribe to a podcast?
A. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to subscribe to a podcast with iTunes.

Q. I subscribed to a podcast. Why don't I hear anything?
A. Be sure that you have audio player software installed, then verify that the correct audio file was downloaded to your computer. You may need to modify the update settings in your podcatching software to ensure that this process occurs automatically. Also, check the update times in the description and make sure that a new edition has been posted. If an audio file is not present and the feed time has passed, please contact the WUSF Webmaster at webmaster@wusf.org.

Q. What types of programs are available via WUSF 89.7 Podcasting?
A. Listeners can now subscribe to podcasts of local daily newscasts from WUSF 89.7 News. Whether it's an in-depth report, commentary, analysis, or an insightful interview that ran during the local news segment of Morning Edition or later on All Things Considered, you can now listen anytime, on-demand, on-the-go. WUSF listeners can also subscribe to a complete news summary that brings you the best of WUSF Morning News and WUSF Afternoon News in one podcast. We also podcast popular segments like: University Beat, Commentaries and This I Believe (local edition). WUSF 89.7 also podcasts our public affairs broadcast, Florida Matters. Check the Web site regularly for new podcast listings.

Q. How much does a WUSF Podcast cost?
A. WUSF's podcasts are free to Web site visitors, but expensive to produce and serve. Support WUSF 89.7 podcasts. Click here to make your contribution or become a member of WUSF 89.7 today.