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The only live music and variety show aired nationwide today, A Prairie Home Companion is a Saturday night staple for radio audiences everywhere. The show features a unique blend of musical performances and comedy. Beginning October, 2016, musician extraordinaire Chris Thile will take over for Garrison Keillor as the new host of A Prairie Home Companion. Chris' wide range of musical taste, paired with his vast network of famous and talented friends, will draw new, diverse talent to public radio.

From A Prairie Home Companion

  • The News from Lake Wobegon for November 18, 2017
    "It's been chilly out there this week. It's been in the 30s ever since Wednesday night. Winter came in, it just came right in and the wind came up." Pastor Kohler continues a string of depressing sermons as his time in Lake Wobegon winds down, the town prepares for the upcoming holiday weekend, and Mr. Rosen discovers the meaning of Thanksgiving while deer hunting, in a November 2015 monologue.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for November 11, 2017
    "It's November, middle of November, and the trees are bare. We had a big wind here this last week, big rainstorm on Wednesday and Thursday. It's been chilly." Pastor Kohler leaves town after his email is hacked, Clarence Bunsen experiences an embarrassing medical condition, a group of deer hunting widows attends a male dance revue in Hurley, Wisconsin, and Mr. Hansen finally burns down an old outhouse, in a monologue originally from November 2015.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for November 4, 2017
    "So beautiful and warm this last week for the first week in November. Got into almost the 70s and almost the 70s is more than good enough for us. What a gift Wednesday and Thursday were." The school board debates requiring students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the town prepares for deer hunting season in a monologue originally from November 2001.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for October 28, 2017
    "Most of the leaves are off the trees, except a few yellow leaves there on the Aspen trees. Of course the corn is all combined, the beans as well. The fields are mostly just stubble." The town begins procrastinating as winter approaches, and Daryl Rasmussen instigates a memorable Halloween prank, a monologue originally from October 1998.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for October 21, 2017
    "Our show coming to you from my hometown Anoka, Minnesota, here on the Rum River, flowing into the Mississippi." Our host shares a few memories about his family's history in his other hometown of Anoka, during a special live broadcast from Anoka High School back in October 2015.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for October 14, 2017
    "This long, strange, warm fall is finally coming to an end. We're about a week away from frost and we're looking forward to that." A mysterious wedding takes place at the Lutheran Church, and memories of when Uncle Earl secretly bought a TV to watch Minnesota Gophers football games, a monologue originally from October 2015.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for October 7, 2017
    "It's not the New Year, you know, or anything of the sort, but September: a gorgeous, gorgeous time, and the leaves are turning and the smell of apples in the air." The host recalls a notable childhood moviegoing experience, Lyle Janske's 10th grade biology class learns about bears, and a few thoughts on the power of memory, in a September 2015 monologue.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for September 30, 2017
    "It's been beautiful, beautiful weather out there -- sunny and bright and highs in the 60s, it's been perfect. Farmers are combining the corn, and the soybeans as well, and the alfalfa is still green." The Lake Wobegon Leonards lose their big homecoming game against the Millet Marauders, the Lutherans brag about their church's new pastor, and folks in town react to fall and cooler weather settling in, a monologue from October 2010.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for September 23, 2017
    "It's been just the most beautiful fall that we can remember, thank goodness for memory loss. It's just been absolutely gorgeous, just sunny skies and warm days for people whose tastes run in that direction and then cool nights to remind us that it is fall after all." Town constables Gary and Leroy chase down a boat that was abandoned in the middle of the lake, crews rush to finish the summer road construction, and the Magendantzes add a concrete walleye to their menagerie of yard statuary, in a monologue from September 2007.
  • The News from Lake Wobegon for September 16, 2017
    In Lake Wobegon, the host recalls the Native Americans, government agents, Unitarian missionaries, and hippie farmers who've lived in Lake Wobegon over the years.

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Chris Thile
Chris Thile

Mandolinist Chris Thile is among the most highly acclaimed musicians of his generation.

It started when he was a toddler in Oceanside, California. His folks took him along for weekly visits to a pizza parlor in nearby Carlsbad, where he heard John Moore's band Bluegrass Etc., and where he would soon befriend siblings Sara and Sean Watkins, his future Nickel Creek bandmates.

The mandolin captivated the youngster. He started lessons with Moore, who wasted no time in getting the five-year-old on stage. "I was too young to be nervous." Chris recalls. I thought, 'Oh, this is what you get to do when you're five.'" Before long, the Thiles were... Read More...

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