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  • Trump Rejects Russia’s Call to Question US Citizens
    US President Donald Trump has rejected a proposal made by President Vladimir Putin that Russia be allowed to question a number US citizens. We speak to Bill Browder, one of the men on Russia’s list, who wants to know why it has taken a number of days for his government to reject this controversial request. Also in the programme: Montenegro’s NATO worries; and why Burberry burnt millions of dollars worth of its clothes. (Image: US President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive for a meeting in Helsinki, on 16th July 2018. Credit Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Israel Approves 'Jewish Nation State' Law
    The Israeli parliament has passed a law declaring that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, fuelling anger among its Arab minority. The Trump administration is considering the Russian request to interview Americans. Also in the programme: How the 'Ndragheta Mafia group defrauds the European Union. (Photo: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Credit: Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images)
  • Thai Boys Discuss 'Moment of Miracle'
    The twelve boys and their football coach rescued from a flooded cave network in Thailand hold a press conference before going home. They say they had no food for nine days. Donald Trump has defended his record in dealing with Russia, saying no US president has ever been tougher. Also in the programme: we hear from the the man who's won the legal right to explain to Americans how to 3D-print their own guns at home. Picture: some of the Thai boys arriving for their press conference today. Credit: Getty Images.
  • Thai Boys Face the Media After Cave Rescue
    Twelve boys and their football coach speak to the media for the first time since their escape from a cave in Thailand's Chiang Rai. Also in the programme: an interview with the exiled president of Yemen, and the flight from police of a Brazlian plastic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum. Picture: The Thai boys and their coach attend a news conference in Chiang Rai. Credit: LILLIAN SUWANRUMPHALILLIAN SUWANRUMPHA/AFP/Getty Images
  • Violent Iraq Protests Spread
    Iraq has put its security forces on high alert, after protests against a lack of basic services and high unemployment spread from the south of the country to the capital, Baghdad. We hear from a community worker about why the wave of demonstrations is happening now. Also on the programme: the latest from Nicaragua, where the government has launched an attack on an opposition stronghold despite international calls for restraint. Picture: Iraqi protestors in Basra. Credit: Getty Images.
  • Putin denies US elections interference
    While Donald Trump faces a storm of criticism in America for his performance in Helsinki. His Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is faring rather better. Back home in Russia, political figures have been lining up to praise the results of the Helsinki summit and the interview Mr Putin gave to Fox News denying any Russian involvement in the US elections. We hear the response from one of President Putin's political supporters. Also in the programme - Pro-Brexit campaign group fined for breaching referendum spending limits and the most expensive Chinese film ever made flops in its first week. (Photo:Russia's President Vladimir Putin gives an interview to Fox News Channel. Credit: TASS via Getty Images)
  • Trump Appears to Side with Russia Against FBI
    The US president contradicts intelligence agencies over their claims of Russian interference in the US election. We hear the reactions of a former CIA director and a supporter of President Trump. Also in the programme: a BBC investigation reveals the full extent of an Islamist terror network founded in the UK, which funded jihadi operations for the Islamic State group across the globe. Picture: US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands during a joint press conference after their meeting in Helsinki. Credit: Getty Images.
  • Trump and Putin Hold First Official Meeting in Helsinki
    It has been eight years since the last formal summit between America and Russia. In an opening statement Mr Trump said he hoped the meeting would lead to an 'extraordinary relationship'. Also in the programme: More than a billion people at risk from a lack of air conditioning and refrigeration; can racial diversity in France's football team help heal divisions in French society? (Photo: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shake hands in Helsinki. Credit:Kremlin Press Office / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
  • France Win Football World Cup
    France have won the football World Cup with a 4-2 victory over Croatia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Also in the programme: President Trump arrives in Helsinki for a one-day summit with the Russian president Vladimir Putin; and how fatal scorpion stings are on the rise in Brazilian cities. (Photo: French President Emmanuel Macron at the World Cup final in Moscow. Credit: EPA)
  • Theresa May Reveals Donald Trump's Brexit Advice
    Donald Trump told Theresa May she should sue the EU rather than negotiate over Brexit, she has told the BBC. The US president said on Friday at a joint press conference he had given her a suggestion - but she had found it too "brutal". Also on the programme: we look ahead to this afternoon's World Cup final, and the father of one of the Thai boys rescued from the cave tells us how frightened they must have been. (Photo: Donald Trump and Theresa May, credit: AFP)