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  • Florida Maps

    Tthe Tampa Bay History Center is working with USF on a new library of more than 6,000 maps of historic Florida. Hafsa Quraishi has more on University Beat on WUSF Public Media.


  • Jane Austen - Wikipedia

    A University of South Florida class is using famed English author, Jane Austen, to learn how to make Wikipedia more accurate.

  • Entrepreneur - AquaMelon

    University Beat is profiling USF entrepreneurs this year. We’re starting with the alum behind “Aquamelon Water,” 100 percent natural watermelon juice.

  • USF-Dozier Reform School

    USF researchers have been looking at the Dozier Reform School for Boys in Marianna, FL, where students, some who died under mysterious circumstances, were buried.

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Your sinuses can tell you better than we can, but it's already been one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory. Now, we’re heading into a late starting, but very ugly allergy season as well. WUSF’s Mark Schreiner sat down...

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USF English Dept. Chair Laura Runge, left, taught second year PhD student Elizabeth Ricketts how to use Wikipedia to share knowledge through a USF course.
Radio: Jane Austen - Wikipedia (February 5, 2018)
A University of South Florida class is using famed English author, Jane Austen, to learn how to make Wikipedia more accurate. It’s part of an outreach effort with the Wiki Education Foundation, a nonprofit group that helps...
USF alum & AquaMelon founder/CEO Dez Williams donates the leftover watermelon rinds from his company's juice to local farmers, as apparently, cows love them. (courtesy AquaMelon)
Radio: Entrepreneur - AquaMelon (January 29, 2018)
University Beat will be regularly checking in this year with entrepreneurs. And our focus is on those who have ties to USF – a current student, a graduate or a faculty member – to learn about their business and its potential. We’...
USF Distinguished Professor of Jazz Studies Chuck Owen is up for four Grammy Awards Sunday in New York City (courtesy USF School of Music).
Radio: Grammys - Chuck Owen (January 22, 2018)
While most of the attention will be on stars like Jay-Z and Bruno Mars, we’ll be watching a University of South Florida jazz professor who is up for four Grammy Awards this Sunday. Chuck Owen sat down recently with WUSF’s Mike...
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