Gift Planning: Asset Gifts

Retirement Plan

A retirement plan is often a person’s largest asset, but you may not know that it can be a dangerous asset in an estate. Retirement plans and other tax-deferred investments are “tax time bombs” waiting to go off. When left directly to heirs (excluding spouses), one quarter to as much as one half of the value of your retirement plan may be lost to taxes. A smart tax strategy may be to donate your retirement plan to WUSF and give other assets to your heirs. Read more...


Stocks & Bonds

Securities make great gifts because you get a double tax benefit. First, you may avoid capital gains taxes on appreciation. Second, you may claim a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of the stocks or bonds. If you own stocks that have lost value, sell them first and donate the proceeds to claim a capital loss on your taxes.

For transfer instructions, Call Scott Nolan at (813) 974-8677 or email


Real Estate, Vacation home, Land

Donating homes, vacation property, commercial property or undeveloped land to WUSF can be an attractive way to make a substantial gift, while enjoying tax benefits now, and freedom from property taxes and management hassles in the future.


Art, Collections, Jewelry

Personal property gifts may be sold so that the proceeds may benefit the station.

Your charitable income tax deduction will depend on how the gift is used by WUSF. Some personal property gifts may be retained and used by the station, while others may be sold so that the proceeds may benefit the station. Contact the station directly to discuss how your gift may benefit the station.


Patents, Copyrights, Royalties

Gifts of intellectual property rights could benefit WUSF, or could be of use to support University of South Florida academic programs. Royalties often provide a valuable income stream.