Gift Planning: Estate Gifts to WUSF


Making a gift through your will is an easy way to make a substantial gift that will benefit future generations.

Please notify WUSF that you have included the station in your will. Telling us now about your intentions will help USF Foundation carry out your wishes. Plus, we can help you ensure that your gift makes the biggest impact it possibly can. Read more...


Revocable “Living” Trust

Like a Will, making WUSF the beneficiary of a Revocable Trust gives you the ability to control your wealth during life. A Revocable Trust provides the additional advantage of avoiding probate. Instead of the probate court, a Trustee of your choosing will distribute your estate to WUSF and others according to your instructions in the trust. Also like a Will, there is no tax deduction when you create the trust, but your estate may avoid estate taxes.


Retained Life Estate

You can donate your home, vacation property or farm to WUSF and retain the right to live in or use it for the rest of your life. You will receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for your gift.


Life Insurance

Naming WUSF the “owner” and “beneficiary” of a life insurance policy can leverage a large gift with a relatively small outlay of current dollars. If you donate a fully paid-up policy, you are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction for a portion of the policy's value. If premiums are still due, your annual premium payments are considered tax-deductible gifts.